Social networking has become a very important element in successful online marketing. As valuable as social networks are to your business, do you know how to monitor what kind of response you are getting from various marketing campaigns?

While social media automation is helpful in getting your brand more easily circulated in front of more people, you must also use analytics to track your marketing efforts and develop better marketing strategies.

Social Networking Provides A Wealth of Data

Marketing on social networks does more than simply get your brand’s name in front of more followers. When used correctly, it offers a wealth of data that can give you important details about target audiences. It lets you monitor interactions with your advertisements and content to see how well various users engage with different content.

Social networking gives you a much more detailed look at who your viewers are and how you can appeal to their interests better so you are able to build the brand recognition and authority that contributes to higher conversion rates. What is the trick to get the most info from this data? The trick is to analyze it.

Tracking Data on Social Networks

With all of this available data, it is essential to know how to track it so it is useful in developing effective social media marketing strategies. Here is how to start the tracking process:

  • Identify Marketing Goals - First identify your goals for using social media, whether they are to increase followers, increase brand awareness, get more shares, get more conversions, or more.
  • Track KPIs - Once you know marketing goals, decide on the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track to achieve your goals and what metrics to track them with. You can do much of this with social media automation applications like SiteSuperCharger, which includes all the analytics tools you might need.
  • Monitor Competitors - Besides monitoring your own metrics, monitor your main competitors as well. This can give you great insight into the marketing strategies they are giving them good results and how you can attract more of the same audience.  
  • Monitor Engagement Points - In measuring both your social networking pages and those of your competitors, use analytics tools to monitor Applause Rate (likes), Conversion Rate (average number of comments based on audience size), and Amplification Rate (number of shares) over a period of time for a good look at what is actually happening on these pages.

Using The Data

The goal of monitoring and analyzing data tracked from social networks is getting a better concept of your audience and learning how to increase their interaction with your content. Create new content based on what your tracked metrics suggest and experiment with your marketing strategy.

Continue tracking and analyzing the same data while adjusting your campaigns. As you determine which content gets more attention, when it is posted, and which audiences views it, continue modifying until the results you want are seen.

If not yet tracking and analyzing your social networking marketing campaigns, start doing it immediately. With the expansive data available by monitoring your social networks, you can achieve marketing goals faster. With social media automation software like SiteSuperCharger, you will see a greater return on your social media marketing budget!

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