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Successful blog posting involves the use of relevant and eye-catching images to help portray the message and keep readers interested. Illustrations do more for automated article entries than offer a visual to the reader since when they are properly used, they can improve optimization. The key to getting the most from adding pictures to article entries is to correctly rename the image. There is a simple, yet effective way to name pictures used for automated blog posting and website forums that will ensure each one that is used works hard toward improved SEO.

The Purpose of Renaming Images

Using pictures with the default filename created by the camera or the imaging software is fast and easy; however that is ineffective for SEO purposes because Google cannot actually see photos or images. Therefore, it relies on the file name to index and rank both the picture and the page on which it appears. According to Google’s image publishing guidelines, a filename that is meaningless and consists of a series of numbers or other unrelated information is also meaningless to Google. Yet a well-named photo can rank in an image search and add additional optimization to help the entire page rank higher. In other words, pictures used for frequent article posting and automated blog posting can do a lot more than look nice on the page if they are named correctly by using optimized filenames.

The Importance of Alt-Text

Besides an optimized filename, every illustration used for blog posting should also include optimized alt-text. Alt-text is a text caption that can be added to any image filename for two main purposes: it is useful to the reader if the photo cannot be displayed and helps Google index and analyze the photo. Google itself has stated that the data added into the alt-text box is significant for search algorithms to determine whether or not an illustration is relevant to the search and the rest of the information on the page. Leaving this box blank is passing up an opportunity to increase image value and help SEO overall.

Adding Image Names and Alt-Text

To most effectively optimize pictures for automated article posting, they must be renamed, appropriate alt and title-text added, and then captioned within the article. Start out by creating a filename that is unique, but relevant to the picture. When adding the photo to the website, alt-text should be added into the image tag or the alt-text box filled out on web builders that include them. It should be a short, simple description of the picture. Along with the alt-text, include title text similar to the title on articles used for automated blog posting. Last of all, write a caption for the illustration. By including these four simple details, Google’s indexers can find images faster and more easily analyze and assign value while relating them to the rest of the content on the web page.

Generating great SEO for blog entries means taking advantage of every available opportunity. Optimized image naming and the inclusion of alt-text is a commonly overlooked, yet important way to optimize articles used for automated article posting. By taking the few extra minutes necessary to apply an effective image filename, appropriate alt-text, title text, and a caption, SEO companies will gain important optimization from the photos they use in article posting that will support the rest of the website!

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