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There are certain things in life that just do not come with guarantees and website SEO is definitely one of them. Sure, there may be companies out there offering “guaranteed results,” or SEO software that they guarantee to work a certain way. The truth is, it is impossible to guarantee search engine optimization because the very idea itself is a fluid one. Local SEO software can definitely help companies improve their pagerank where they need it most; however, because SEO changes daily, results can never be guaranteed.

The Evolving Nature of SEO

Search engine optimization has been a “thing” for a little more than a decade at this point. If there is one thing that marketers should know, it is that effective techniques are constantly changing, mostly because Google’s search algorithms are always changing. What that means on a practical level is that what worked yesterday may not work as well - or at all - today. This is the biggest, most recognized frustration with search engine optimization and what keeps most SEO companies in business - the very fact that optimization is never the same thing twice.

As long as Google keeps tweaking and improving its algorithm and adding more functionality, search engine optimization techniques must continue to be tweaked to account for those changes. Knowing this, it is impossible to predict what tomorrow will bring.

SEO Is No Different Than Other Marketing Services

Besides recognizing the ways that optimization is constantly changing, it is important to also understand that it is a marketing service just like other types of marketing services. Whether a business owner works with a web designer, a videographer, a print designer, an SEO software developer, or any other service in the marketing realm, none of these professionals do or can guarantee results.

Why? Partly because there are so many ways that changing conditions affect all of these services, but also because most rely on the others in different ways to generate results. Essentially, those other services cannot be guaranteed and neither can SEO results.

What About the Companies Offering Guarantees?

Search engine optimization services are an essential element of website success, although the methods are constantly changing. Taking this into consideration, there are two ways to view any guarantees offered by marketing companies and those developing local SEO software.

  • Smaller firms demanding low service fees and offering ridiculous guarantees cannot possibly have an understanding of true SEO marketing. If they did, they would not be guaranteeing everything including the kitchen sink. They would also be charging more for their efforts.
  • On the other hand, larger, well-known marketing companies with high levels of experience and equally high fees might offer certain types of guarantees that are more reasonable and thus, more believable. Yet because this segment of marketing can be so unstable, it is unlikely to find a bigger company that can back up any hard guarantees since they know better, that everything could change tomorrow.

The moral of this story is that when it comes to search engine optimization, including SEO software development, offers of guaranteed results should be viewed as a sign to stay away. Understand that there are no guarantees in search engine marketing, even with local SEO software, and concentrate instead on the ways to continually build on current marketing results. Doing so will take the unreasonable expectations out of SEO and allow companies to work more easily with the best marketers and products that can really help!

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