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Every SEO marketing expert should understand by now that blogs for article posting are an important part of a website and an essential marketing tool. Yet it is critical to understand that blogs only provide a benefit when they are frequently updated with fresh content.

Whether posting manually or by using some type of article automation such as automated article posting, continuously loaded and new content is required to obtain the most recognition from followers and from Google.

Increases Website Indexing

When marketers keep blogs active with frequent article posting, these articles are indexed as fresh, new content. As a side result, websites in general receive more attention from indexers, making it easier to keep pages current and promoting more effective crawling of an entire site. Regular blog posting is one of the best ways to ensure that indexers remain aware of a site, and crawl it often.

Keeps Audiences More Engaged

One of the best ways to generate a higher page rank is to be both interesting and understandable to readers. Sites that publish articles often see more traffic and more repeat visits, both of which contribute to great SEO. Frequent updates add more ways to get important information out to audiences, more searchable keywords for that content to be found, and more chances to engage readers. All of this work increases audience awareness of a brand’s website, which results in an opportunity to increase followers and conversions.

Creates Authority and Brand Recognition

Continuously posted content also builds brand recognition through increased visibility, which adds authority to the brand name. Automated article posting is one of the best ways for a company to ensure their blogs are providing regular and useful information, which gives them a better chance of being noticed, both by search engines and readers who appreciate this content.

Improved Page Rank by Pleasing Google

In addition to the reasons mentioned above as to why frequent posting of fresh content is so important to SEO, there is also a host of other ways that this pleases Google’s search engines. Fresh content in the form of new pages generates more attention from the search engines than older postings. Similarly, content that has been considerably updated can also generate attention as fresh information.

Pages that attract more incoming links are looked on more favorably than older pages that remain static. Links from new and refreshed websites improve that benefit. Increases in traffic generated by article automation draw even more attention, improving chances of higher page rank. All of these methods help to satisfy Google’s requirements to be awarded a better ranking.

It should be clear to SEO marketers that regularly-updated blogs with new and fresh content are essential for SEO and great page rank. Article posting is one of the main ways for a company to keep their name in the spotlight, grow their brand, and increase online exposure.

When used with the right content, automated article posting can be an effective tool to help a company keep posts on schedule and reap the many benefits outlined above. With the right article automation, there is never a reason to suffer the fate of the stale or abandoned blog!

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