Content marketing is the key to online marketing success these days, what with Google’s search algorithm becoming more sophisticated every year.

With marketers now focusing on both the creation and distribution of content and how it affects all other aspects of marketing like SEO and SEM, there is more to do in less time.

Now more than ever, marketers need a good platform to streamline content creation with the necessary tools and even content marketing automation all in the same place.

What Is A Content Marketing Platform?

A content marketing platform or CMP is a software application designed to facilitate the content creation and distribution aspect of any marketing campaign.

It is an application that combines the tasks of content planning and production with easy distribution to required channels and performance reporting.

Using a CMP like SiteSuperCharger, marketing teams can keep a constant flow of content fit to their specific needs flowing to different channels without losing track of overall marketing goals as created and curated information provides the basis for all other marketing success.

How Does A CMP Fit Into the Marketing Landscape?

Creating quality, optimized content is the first step in any effective marketing plan.

Although marketers will have specific needs and content requirements for their different marketing campaigns and know where their content needs to be distributed, the creation portion of the marketing plan can become time-consuming and disorganized.

Using a CMP with content marketing automation to initiate the whole marketing process, marketers can create schedules and plan specific content based on what they and other marketing teams require to satisfy many different needs.

From posting to a CMS and social media to providing marketing and sales teams with the information they need to handle their part of the process, a versatile CMP provides the tools necessary to keep every step of the marketing process involved in the planning and creation of that content from the start.

What Are the Benefits of Using A CMP?

Working with a great CMS like SiteSuperCharger, content marketing and all other parts of the marketing process can be organized so every part of the team is aware of what is happening from the first step to the last.

A CMP is a central portal that offers the planning, creation, and distribution tools needed to reduce redundancy, mistakes, and oversight as well as streamline the whole content creation process:

  • Team Organization - Everyone will know what everyone else is doing and what stage each piece of content has progressed to.
  • Higher Productivity - With everything organized in one place having access to automation tools as well, teams can work better, faster, and more effectively.
  • Better Targeting - Teams can create specific targeted campaigns that improve marketing focus so content is more effective.
  • Performance Metrics - Sales teams can research metrics and help other teams make better content creation and distribution decisions to increase ROI.
  • Lower Costs - Higher efficiency, better targeting, and improved performance are possible with reduced resource consumption.

Ready to Revolutionize Marketing?

While some criticize content marketing platforms like SiteSuperCharger as just one more software application to worry about, CMPs have quickly become an invaluable tool that every marketing team needs.

There is no better platform to work with for planning any type of marketing campaign, then bringing success to that plan by developing the right content using planning, scheduling, creation, and automation tools all from the same hub.

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