It is a quarter of the way into 2018 and online marketing is continuing to evolve for greater effectiveness, mainly through the expanding use of social networking. Social media integration has quickly become a critical factor in profitable marketing since it offers wide and targetable audiences.

Since social networks are continually changing their algorithms and experimenting with new ways to attract and hold audiences,  it is important that all marketers look into the emerging social media trends of 2018.

Adapting to New Social Media Technology

In the same way that you continually tweak marketing campaigns in search of the right combinations to generate great results, social networks are doing the same.

With the rise of new digital technologies, you can expect to see various social platforms adopting many of them to see how well they perform.

From live streaming and photo filters to disappearing video and social hangout apps, it is important to stay on top of emerging ideas and learn how to use them advantageously. Social media integration means more than simply posting content to a timeline or user feed.

The Rise and Decline of Social Networks

Even the biggest and the best eventually fade, which is true for social networking platforms as well. As a marketer, you may be noticing a decline in growth on Twitter as this platform failed to increase user numbers during the entire second half of 2017.

Other platforms like Snapchat have already lost much of their audiences. Facebook and Instagram remain the two most popular platforms; however, this could change as well.

You must pay attention to the platforms experiencing slowed growth since they will most likely try to bring about significant changes in an effort to recapture lost audiences.

More than ever, effective social media integration requires you to be ready for potentially unexpected changes and quickly respond to maintain brand exposure.

New Algorithms Bring Massive Change

All social networks utilize their own algorithms to determine what content and ads users see.

Most recently, Facebook rolled out significant changes to their news algorithm in an effort to focus on delivering friends and family content to its users, putting brand and business content in the back seat.

This intent to reduce the amount of spam that users see in their news feed has resulted in dramatic reductions in outreach for many companies.

To combat these changes on Facebook and perhaps on other social networking platforms depending on the results that Facebook sees, you need to focus on creating engaging content.

This is the new standard for determining which brands are seen on a user’s feed and which are pushed to the end of the line. Be aware that this algorithm can tell the difference between actual, engaging content versus content that is baiting engagement in an attempt to stay relevant.

Moving Forward

With some social networks fighting to maintain users in an ever-changing online landscape and others trying to improve user-friendliness, your work is cut out for this year.

Nothing ever stays the same with social networking and 2018 will be no different. The key to success with social media integration is to keep on top of the way that various networks are changing and accommodate for these changes!

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