Everybody’s doing it these days - cloud computing, that is. Even those who aren’t using a cloud based SEO portal are doing it, whether they realize it or not.

Today’s internet revolves around “the cloud,” a virtual resource that has made being connected much easier and more widely available.

So, what exactly is the cloud and cloud computing? Understand a little about it and how it works to gain the most benefits when using cloud based SEO software, applications, and many other tools.

What Is the Cloud?

The Cloud, as it's come to be known, is basically a virtual environment made up of hardware, applications, and server space that is set up by a company and made virtually available to other users.

Through wireless connections and automation processes, users can access those resources for file storage, to host or use virtual applications, to gain entrance to a cloud based SEO portal, and for many other things.

Since the user’s hardware does not hold any of these applications or resources and simply connects to them via a base server located elsewhere, it is considered computing via the cloud.

Cloud Computing Basics

Whether someone is accessing a storage server, streaming audio or video from a service, or using something like cloud based SEO software, cloud computing works the same for everyone. As such, there are different types of services and deployment available to fit different needs:

  • Three Types of Cloud Deployment - Resource clouds can be public and designed to be used by everyone, private and made for use only by those with access, and a hybrid of the two that offers a combination of public and private services.
  • Three Types of Cloud Services - Cloud computing setups offer users three different levels of service including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that provides a basic hardware infrastructure for rent, PaaS (Platform as a Service) that provides an on-demand setup for developing and testing applications without having to set up an infrastructure, and SoaS (Software as a Service) the most popular service that provides applications including apps like a cloud based SEO portal usually by subscription to users on-demand.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

By removing the need for hardware, hard wiring, and buying many applications outright, cloud computing offers users many benefits over traditional, closed networking:

  • Access - It allows users to gain access to faster, more powerful infrastructure and endless storage space that would otherwise be too expensive to own outright.
  • Lower Cost - It provides users with whatever applications or services they need, including cloud based SEO software, on a subscription basis as opposed to having to privately purchase every application.
  • Performance and Reliability - Cloud servers are built using the best available technology, making them highly reliable and able to provide fast, efficient service.
  • Connectability - Because virtual infrastructures are highly scalable, they can be set up with the right amount of resources so they can be used globally if necessary.
  • Increased Productivity - With access to faster more reliable technology and necessary applications, cloud computing offers many businesses the tools necessary to become more productive.

With cloud computing, the internet is now capable of functioning in countless ways all over the world. Whether a user is accessing virtual resources like online applications and services from a public host or applications like a cloud based SEO portal from a private one, it streamlines productivity and provides access to all.

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