Social Networking

One of the goals of social networking is attracting and maintaining a wide audience of current and potential new customers. To accomplish this, your pages must be continually updated with fresh and interesting content to capture attention and engage followers.

Social networking automation makes this easier, but what about the content? It can be challenging to come up with so many ideas, even if you use social media automation to consistently deliver your content. Curated articles and content may be the perfect solution.

What Is Content Curation?

Content curation for social networking is basically finding accurate, interesting, and relevant content on the internet and sharing it with followers. There is plenty of informative and valuable information available online. While it is always important to create original content, you can accompany this with quality articles, videos, and other media from other reputable sources and increase what you have to offer to your followers.

Why Offer Curated Content?

There are many great reasons why you might want to curate certain content and post it on your social media sites:

  • Fresh Content, Frequent Updates - When you curate quality articles and other content, you can keep up with new ideas and use this to present fresh content to your followers. Instead of taking the risk of losing audiences when your brand has no new or useful information to share, content that has been collected from other sources can uphold their interest. When conveniently shared through social media automation, it provides new things for your followers to read, while keeping your site actively updated.
  • Balancing Resources - Every brand needs to produce its own high-quality, original content to share on its social pages and websites. Yet producing all of this content can be very time-consuming and challenging. When you add curated content to your postings, you can balance the production of original content so you do not exhaust your resources too quickly.  
  • Building and Maintaining Audiences - Using curated content allows you to hold the interest of your current audiences by offering them something new. You can also attract newer followers who become interested in the specific content you have curated and shared. In addition, you may be able to expand your audiences with curated content, shared via social networking automation, by offering valuable information without sending them directly to another website. They will instead associate this information with your brand.

Where Can You Find Content to Curate?

The best strategy for finding great content to curate and share starts by understanding your target audiences and what material they are most likely to enjoy. Review your existing original content and see what has received the best response. Then look for information that relates to what your followers respond to and add new and fresh ideas about your industry or sector.

You will keep your followers happy with what they want to see, while keeping them updated with the most recent trends.

Curated articles and other interesting content can help you take your social networking to the next level. When you offer a mix of great original content with relevant curated items through the use of social media automation, your social sites can further build your following. Social networking automation can help you take advantage of all the best content on the web and then bring it all to your followers!

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