Social Networks

There was a time when social networks like Facebook were used mostly for keeping up with friends and family. Social networking has greatly expanded, making it a valuable marketing tool for many companies seeking to build their brand and gain new customers. Following these marketing tips, any business can reach a larger audience with their social media accounts and reap the rewards of brand recognition, increased traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Post A Variety of Content

The more interesting a company’s social media websites, the more attention and interaction they will receive. Keep pages at the top of people’s feed by frequently posting a variety of content. Don’t just text updates and links to blog posts. Include images, videos, questions, contests, and other content to offer viewers more to ‘like’ and welcome again.

Create Shareable Content

Social networks were designed to promote convenient sharing of content with other users. To get the most from other people’s desire to share their content, brands should always create content that can be easily shared with a click or two. Include sharing buttons with every blog post and all other media to promote sharing, which can help brands gain new followers. Always include social media buttons on company websites and social profiles so that visitors to those sites can find the brand’s various media pages.

Make An Instagram Account

Most businesses understand the importance of including Facebook and Twitter in their social networking plan and have profiles on those sites; however, don’t underestimate Instagram. It pairs seamlessly with other social networks and has a massive following. Users enjoy engaging with image posts, which are simple and to the point. Best of all, these easy posts provide yet one more way for brands to get their names seen and build a larger following.

Engage Your Audience

After attracting attention and encouraging users to comment and share, be sure to engage back with them. One of the best things that any company can do to boost brand awareness and increase shares and followers is to create a dialog with followers. Answer questions, comment follower comments, and start actual conversations Provide polite assistance when it is requested and acknowledge complaints, further building the company’s reputation by offering good customer service.

Try Paid Advertising on Social Sites

Another great way to build brand awareness is with inexpensive, yet highly targetable advertising on social media sites. These ads can be highly effective since social networks provide an audience that is more easily filtered than using general search engines, providing more bang for the advertising buck. Facebook offers the most extensive advertising tools for businesses and gets great results for many companies.

Monitor Social Sites to Learn From Them

Besides providing more access to interested followers, social networking also gives companies an easy way to monitor different things that might affect their marketing plans. Monitor competitors and gauge the results their social marketing efforts are gaining and how followers are reacting. Study followers to learn more about target audiences and what gets them engaged.

Social networking offers every company a huge opportunity to increase their brand awareness, as well as gain the many other benefits that come by doing so. By engaging more personally with followers and providing a variety of interesting, shareable content, brands can easily increase targeted traffic to their various sites. Much more than just a place for keeping up with friends, social networks have become a critical part of successful online marketing for businesses of all kinds!

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