With more people than ever before using their phones to do everything from looking up directions and hours to browsing and buying, search has gone predominantly mobile.

Optimizing for mobile search using SEO software has become a priority in order to keep reaching mobile users.

How can you ensure your content is well-optimized for mobile and will actually reach the right users?

Use these tips to improve and streamline your content process using SEO automation so you rank well with voice search!

Understand Voice Search Technology

Although it all works basically the same way beginning with a vocal query made by the user, there are various ways that voice search can work for different search engines and smart devices.

The basics surrounding voice queries is the same; whether speaking to Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or any other voice assistant, voice search is based on knowing the right keywords and keyword forms and including them in the content generated and managed with your online SEO software.

Voice search is strongly based on context and past user behavior, things that marketers should keep in mind when optimizing for voice.

Know Key Voice Search SERPs Results

Beyond capturing the top spots in the regular SERPs, marketers strive to capture some other key areas in the SERPs that are particularly responsive to voice search.

These include the Featured Snippet and People Also Ask (PAA) boxes that are generally populated by top voice queries and keywords and highly desirable for the amount of traffic they generate.

Successful voice search must focus on these areas.

Target Keywords that Produce the Best Voice Results

One of the more unique aspects of working toward getting good SEO results with voice search is choosing the right keywords.

Keyword research for voice is an exacting process as it’s important to include conversational, long-tailed, and semantic keywords in the content generated with SEO software.

Marketers must also pay attention to the content chosen by the search algorithm chooses for the Featured Snippet and PAA areas for the keyword formations that are being rewarded with these positions.

Increase SEO with FAQs and Optimized Product Info

Another important tip for marketers looking to excel with voice search is to add FAQs to their websites.

FAQ pages developed with the right questions and information can greatly increase site traffic and eventually capture those key information areas in the SERPs like the Featured Snippet and PAA box.

Marketers should also focus on optimizing product information for voice as these listings will frequently show up at the top of the SERPs as well.

Mobile Success Starts with Great Voice Search!

Google has been pushing for better mobile optimization for some time now.

As the search algorithm has advanced to accommodate the growing use of voice search, marketers must be able to optimize the content they develop using SEO software so it’s more voice-responsive.

SEO automation using online SEO software can facilitate any marketing strategy as long as the right content and optimization methods are used to get results with voice search!

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