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One important SEO technique that is becoming more critical every day is virtual siloing. This is especially useful with landing page automation. A landing page silo is an organizational strategy that helps designate page relevance to search engines. An automated landing page silo could be exactly what your site needs to improve ranking with all of your landing pages.

What Is Website Siloing?

Siloing is a method of organizing website content by using internal linking to help search engines determine topics and relevance. Whether you are trying to rank for broad or specific keywords, the amount of content available to support these topics and how it is organized can work to improve your rank.

This is especially important if you use landing page automation and have a good amount of pages that you can use to create an effective website structure through the linking of landing pages. By linking similar or related content together, you add importance to the specific topics you are trying to rank with so they demand greater attention from web crawlers.

How Is Virtual Siloing Done?

A website can be siloed in two different ways. Physical siloing is done through the website’s directory structure by using relevant and orderly URLs to organize related content. A virtual landing page silo is achieved by creating an internal linking structure aside of the URLs.

By using hypertext links between related content, virtual siloing creates a hierarchy of pages that gives importance to those at the top of the silo. This method avoids random interlinking, putting precedence on a specific, planned link structure that connects lower level pages with other relevant content to create a flow that supports your main topic for ranking.

What Is the Value of Virtual Siloing?

Landing pages are used to reach many different audiences with a wide variety of search terms to bring them to your website. These pages can also be used to boost the relevance of your most important topics and search terms internally to increase organic ranking. When you build an automated landing page silo, you trickle focus from these support links to more relevant content to further support the main content you want to be found most easily.

By doing this, you can build top level ranking according to your main topics, ensuring your chosen and most important pages show up first in the SERPs. Your other lower level landing pages stay behind the scenes and are less likely to be found in the SERPs, yet still perform the critical job of boosting your main topics and content.

Creating a virtual landing page silo may sound complicated, although it can be done fairly easily. First determine the main topics that your website deals with and identify the primary keywords and terms you want to focus on. Next, plan your internal linking structure by using landing page automation so your landing pages create a funnel toward a top-level page.

When used in conjunction with high-quality content that your visitors will value, your automated landing page silo gives more power to your main content while getting more from all the landing pages you have created. Create a silo for all your main keywords and pages as well as your website as a whole and you should see improved rankings!

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