Landing pages are destination or inbound marketing pages that are valuable for lead generation. They are essential additions to your website and have become irreplaceable parts of a successful online marketing campaign.

To fully appreciate the importance of landing page creation, consider the many ways they can bring in high-quality leads that equate to higher conversion rates.

1. Attract the Right Traffic

Traffic is great for a website, especially high-quality traffic made up of viewers who are interested in what your company has to offer them and intentionally visit your website .

Leads are more likely to come from high-quality, interested traffic when attracted by a well-designed, optimized landing page.

Since landing pages are easier to optimize than an entire website, properly designed and optimized pages may get more exposure in the SERPs and be seen by interested viewers.

Greater exposure, more interest, and more clicks mean more leads and marketing opportunities with viewers more likely to convert.

2. Generate Interest

One critical element in effective landing page creation is including some type of offer. Whether it is a white paper or free ebook to download, a discount coupon, or some other freebie of value to the target audience, accepted offers can help your company generate interest in what you are selling.

When a viewer clicks the CTA on the page and continues on to redeem your offer, the page has succeeded in its purpose of generating a lead.

The information or discounts redeemed by interested traffic act to entice the viewer even more, hopefully bringing them one step closer to actual conversion.

3. Build Marketing Email Lists

In addition to giving audiences more information about your product or enticing them with a discount or other offer, landing pages are invaluable information collectors.

To redeem any freebie or receive future newsletters from a company, users must submit their names and email addresses. Every email address submitted is another lead from the high-quality traffic attracted to such pages.

The email addresses and other contact information collected can then be used for direct email marketing campaigns to nurture the contact by learning more about them and determine what stage they are at in the buying process.

This information then allows marketers to fine-tune marketing emails to continue nurturing leads to the point of purchase.

When circulated to audiences who volunteered their information and already have somewhat of an interest, marketers have a better chance at growing these leads until they convert.

This is in comparison to other types of leads that may come from sources other than a landing page.

Landing Page Bottom Line

Landing page creation should be considered an essential part of every online marketing campaign. Landing pages increase brand exposure to interested traffic, generate interest in a brand’s offerings, and build email lists important for future marketing efforts. These simple yet valuable pages generate more good leads from high-quality, interested traffic that is most likely to convert!

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