Blogging and social networking go hand in hand with a good online marketing plan. For all that blogging to produce good results with both organic search and social media integration, posts should be written with SEO in mind.

Create SEO friendly blog posts that can do double-duty by getting good pagerank through organic search and working for social networks by keeping a few basic ideas in mind.

1. Focus on the Right Keywords

Getting the best response from audiences starts by choosing keywords that readers are most likely to use. Consider the words that target audiences would use to search and focus on those.

Develop content for blog posts and social media integration centered around the searched keywords that give audiences the content and solutions they are looking for.

2. Keyword Optimize

After determining the best keywords to use, optimize blog content with them. Use focus keywords in post URLs, meta descriptions, meta titles, post titles and headers, image alt-text, and more.

This helps search algorithms and users more easily understand what the content is about and how it can answer search queries.

3. Structure A Blog Outline

The type of content that gets good pagerank and more shares on social networks is high-quality content that gives readers the information and answers they seek.

Make sure all details are included and blog posts are complete by first structuring a written outline and include focus keywords in headers and subheaders, then the writing. Structured, complete content with a beginning, an explanation, and a conclusion gets the most positive attention.

4. Use Keywords Logically

Include focus keywords in the various ways they would be logically used by readers. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Create engaging content that uses keywords and phrases naturally, so blog posts flow well while still capturing important ideas and conclusions.

5. Write Readable Content

While paying attention to keyword usage, create content that reads naturally as well. The more readable a blog post, the higher it will rank and the more social networking shares it will gain.

Proper spelling and grammar are essential, as is content with language that corresponds to the target audience. Format the content using shorter paragraphs, bullet points, and lists for easy scanning to improve reader absorption of information.

6. Use Links

Internal and external links build page value and authority. Use internal links to other related pages, linked with skillfully chosen anchor text, to share value among blog posts.

Links to external, high authority websites build trust and reputation among readers when they find content that is both factual and referenceable.

7. Promote Great Content

After generating a great blog post, circulate it far and wide with social media integration and other methods. The more traffic a post receives, the more organic SEO is generated and the more each blog post will help the entire website. Widely promoted content gains more followers, builds brand exposure, and ultimately increases conversions.

All Together

Never forget that as good as social networking is for a brand, great blog posts gain the most from social networks and organic search.

Creating SEO friendly blog content is easy as long as a few simple, yet essential tips are followed. Great content pleases everyone, from Google's search engines to readers and business owners as well!

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