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In what has become an increasingly digital world, many companies allow employees to work remotely. Virtual environments can be advantageous in many ways, even for marketing teams that need to develop promotional campaigns, create content, and share it using automated article posting.

There are a few negatives to this arrangement you should know about. It does seem that the good outweighs the bad, especially when using great marketing software with automated blog posting of the content produced at a virtual office.

The Pros of Virtual Work Environments

Being able to work from home is something many people seek and prefer. It offers a number of benefits to employees and companies who employ them:

  • Greater Flexibility - The main plus for those who enjoy working virtually rather than going to the office every day is the flexibility it offers. Remote workers have complete control over their schedules, so balancing personal and work life is much easier. Research on the topic suggests that 75% of employees would prefer to work remotely if they had the chance and most who do are much happier.
  • Greater Productivity - Happier employees are more productive employees. When people can more easily balance work and personal lives and work in their own controlled environment, they deal with fewer distractions and become more productive. Add this to the increased efficiency your company can gain using automated article posting and productivity will soar.
  • More Cost Effective and Efficient - Companies with many employees working from virtual environments usually have lower operating costs. With fewer people actually in the office, your business only needs a small leased space with less computer and workspace equipment. This equates to greater overall profitability. Virtual offices are more environmentally friendly, with fewer people commuting and less energy use.
  • Wider Talent Pool - When working remotely is available, hiring employees is no longer restricted by location. Your company can benefit by bringing in the best applicant, not just the best local applicant. Relocating is no longer necessary.

The Cons of Virtual Work Environments

The downsides of working remotely are few yet should be considered since virtual environments may not work for every person or company:

  • Reduced Ability to Collaborate - Even with video chat or video conferencing, employees lack the ability to sit face-to-face and collaborate on projects. This can lead to communication issues if everyone is just doing their own thing. Fortunately, marketing teams can change this by using collaborative software that helps an online marketing process with automated blog posting and other functions to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Employer Trust - Another main factor that can negatively affect working remotely is the trust employers have in employees to get jobs done from home. For both parties to get the most benefit from a virtual work environment, there must be mutual trust between employer and employee. A worker must continue to complete assignments as required. You should be able to monitor this fairly easily based on the productivity of each employee working from home.

While it may not work for every marketing team, many find great advantages in letting some employees work from a virtual work environment. What makes doing so even easier is great online marketing and automated article posting software like SiteSuperCharger.

Employees can work collectively on their respective assignments within the same job queue, regardless of their location, beginning with planning and scheduling, then ending with easy, efficient automated blog posting!

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