Landing Pages

Landing pages, although a relatively new element in the marketing scene, have quickly proven to be an essential part of every successful marketing campaign. As more SEMs begin to understand the value of landing page creation, there is a lot more research popping up that validates their importance. Recent data suggests that in terms of numbers, more is definitely better; a landing page automation tool might be just the thing marketers need to keep those pages coming as they adjust targeting.

The Purpose of Landing Pages

To appreciate why more landing pages are better than just a few, it is essential to review the main purpose they serve. Landing pages are mini websites that gather leads that provide conversion opportunities. Targeting entire websites is challenging. Doing so with individual web pages optimized to reach specific audiences, marketers have a much greater chance of bringing in strong leads. Additionally, these promotional sites offer the important benefit of creating more inbound links to improve site indexing and improve ranking across a website.

Why More Is Better

Based on the many values that come with landing page creation, one should be able to guess that having more of these mini-sites would mean increased results. All guessing aside, recent research done on the effectiveness of landing pages directly points to the fact that more pages mean more leads and conversions. Sites with 15 pages had a 55% increase in leads over those with only 10; sites with 40 or more had a 400% increase in leads.

Why the increase? Because more skillfully created promotional pages mean more opportunity to target a wider audience, which brings in a greater number of leads. More products can be marketed by businesses to a company's different audiences, which brings in a greater number of leads. More leads coming in means higher conversion rates. The math is simple. Obtaining these levels only involves making more pages.

How to Make All Those Landing Pages

Gaining the biggest benefit from using landing pages involves making more of them, as the numbers above suggest. Unfortunately, the biggest reason why more SEMs don’t do this is because they either do not know how to do this or don't have the time to research and produce them. Fortunately, one of the best ways to create more of these mini-sites is with landing page automation applications designed to make the process easy.

Using an effective software application, marketers can easily reuse existing content or create a template, then generate as many pages as necessary to target different audiences. Using different keywords, offers, and demographic information, SEMs can easily generate these pages and get them online fast to begin bringing in more leads.

Although landing page creation does take a bit of time and effort initially, the benefits in making them - and making many of them - far outweighs the loss of trying to make do with only a few. To more effectively reach a wider audience, SEMs must keep adding these promotional pages as they expand their marketing campaigns to include search for different terms and different audiences. Generated quickly and easily using great landing page automation tools, SEMs can increase leads and conversions exponentially by simply putting up more landing pages!

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