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One of the most effective ways to keep blogs updated with fresh content is find a way to automate the posting process. Automated blog posting takes much of the work out of keeping content flowing to websites, although it does require some planning ahead of time. Following these tips, users of blog posting software can get the most from their applications and reap the many benefits that blog automation can bring.

Have A Content Idea List

One of the challenges in providing continuous content to a blog is coming up with relevant topics to write about. Start off by making a list of content ideas and add to it whenever new ones pop up, then refer to the list to create titles to used as content. The larger this pool of ideas becomes, the less of a chance of getting stuck for ideas at the last minute and interrupting the blog posting workflow.

Create A Reminder Calendar and Posting Schedule

Along with a pool of viable ideas to create content it is essential to come up with a schedule to keep everyone informed and on time. Start by generating a posting schedule, then a schedule of everything leading up to those posts. Reminders should be set for the different steps in the blog automation process, from content creation and editing to client approvals along the way. This is the best way to ensure that there is something in the queue to update with when the time comes.

An effective schedule with reminders is essential to get the most out of automated blog posting without encountering too many glitches that disrupt the process.

Automate Image Editing and Social Media As Well

If there are other elements within the content updating process that can also be automated, do it somehow. Two particular areas where automation can help is in image editing and posting to social media. Through automatic filters and pre-set image editing, it’s easier to get through the selection of good images with the same results each time.

Social media is any website’s sidekick, another useful marketing tool, and another element that can very easily be automated. When scheduling updates, setup automation so those posts also go to social media pages as well and take more time-consuming steps out of the process.

Consider the Best Automation Options

Including the tips mentioned above, automated blog posting still involves a lengthy process that begins with generating appropriate content ideas and ends with a successfully updated website. In between, there are many steps such as writing, image or video production, editing, multiple client approvals along the way, and then posting on a timely schedule that will produce the most benefit.

Automation works better because it takes one big step - actually uploading content at a specific time - out of the production loop; however, this does not mean there isn’t plenty of other effort required. Judge different tools based on what they can do, how easily they do it, and how they can improve the posting process.

Taking all this into consideration, SiteSuperCharger was created to automate the posting process even further, providing greater control and better results. It is a start-to-finish, all-inclusive application that incorporates client approvals, writing, editing, image editing, time scheduling, and automated blog posting, drastically reducing the confusion and lost time that can arise even with the use of blog automation. SiteSuperCharger is the most comprehensive blog posting tool available today that enables control of the production process from end-to-end with the least amount of effort.

Marketers looking for the best and easiest ways to use automated blog posting should consider these important organizational tips and how they can streamline their blog posting process with them. When it seems that even blog automation is becoming problematic, consider the ways that SiteSuperCharger could help even more. A start-to-finish application that goes from the first idea to the final update, SiteSuperCharger puts total control of the blogging process in the marketing team’s hands!

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