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In the world of marketing, sales come from brand recognition and authority as well as the ability to connect with the public. One of the best ways to achieve just what drives sales is with automated social networking. Effective social networking requires considerable effort and skilled planning, which is where automation can be a great benefit. Using social networking automation, marketers can create an effective strategy that builds their brand in some important ways.

  • Join the Right Social Networks - Everyone should understand the importance of audience targeting by now. Based on what is known about the target audience, marketers should choose the most relevant social networks to concentrate on and not waste resources on those that provide little return. Get the most from automated social networking by going where those audiences congregate.
  • Offer Relevant, Valuable, and Shareable Content - The goal of social networking is to expand brand awareness and increase opportunities to interact with followers to develop authority and positive reputation. Do that by posting highly relevant content to target audiences, offering value to keep them looking for more. The more followers find value in the content, the more likely they are to share it out. This will further increase brand exposure and improve the chance of making a sale.
  • Engage Followers - Another important way to improve customer relations using social networking is by engaging followers with polls, contests or offers as well as by responding to comments. Doing so can be a challenge when managing multiple social sites; however, social networking automation can be valuable in monitoring those sites to make engagement easier.
  • Leverage Content - Leveraging can improve response to posted content, especially for newer brands still creating their online presence. Mentions and links to related sites will increase the amount of attention a brand can gather from its audience and the audiences of related sites. Using this technique, it is possible to increase followers and in turn increase shares and eventually sales.
  • Promote Using Social Marketing Campaigns - Along with the other techniques mentioned above, marketers can ncrease brand exposure by using various social marketing campaigns. Advertising on social media has been proven to be more cost-effective for some companies over other types of online advertising. Similarly, companies can increase attention to their brands by having contests, posting live-streaming video, and creating other incentives that prompt audiences to interact or participate in some way.

There is little doubt that social networking is one of the more essential ways for any company to reach the right audiences and get their message out. Achieving the best results with marketing efforts involves effective use of social networking automation, combined with attention to the points listed above. By incorporating these ideas into the creation of great marketing campaigns, brands can gain the attention required to generate more leads and more sales. Automated social networking can become a great part of that strategy!

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