Landing Page Creation

All companies who offer SEO services know about landing pages. Landing page creation has become another essential part of building the most effective website and getting the most from marketing campaigns. Yet many may still be asking why these pages matter so much and why should they invest in landing page creation software. The answer is that when these effective sales pages are generated using a landing page creation tool, they provide the essential needs that fulfill the AIDA, or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action model for marketing success.

Get the Viewer’s Attention

Landing pages are used by more businesses every day due to their high effectiveness. The first way they provide value is to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and then hold onto it. This is the page that most viewers see when searching for products or services, the first impression a viewer will have about the company. Landing page creation software helps ensure this first impression is a good one, that the viewer remains on the site long enough to learn what it is about and finds interest in whatever is being offered.

Generate Interest in the Offering

After capturing the viewer’s attention, the next purpose of landing page creation is to provide enough information to generate interest in the product or service. These pages must highlight the positives of the offer and show viewers how the product or service can help them and serve their needs. They must explain the value they offer and convince users that linking with the Call to Action is the answer to all their problems.

Create the Desire to Convert

The ability to generate interest in the product or service is a critical quality that a landing page creation tool must provide since interest is what eventually leads to conversion. By using convincing, trustworthy copy and images, the web page must transform this interest into a desire to purchase or sign up. Once the desire is there, the next step becomes more simple as long as the right encouragement is provided.

Encourage Action that Becomes Conversions

The last critical element that an effective landing page offers for the website it represents is the means for interested viewers, who now have the desire to convert, a way to actually do so. An effective, attractive, and obvious call-to-action provides the motivation for users to finally click through the site to get more of the information they need, then convert. Whether conversion is signing up to a mailing list or making a purchase, this last step is the most crucial. Yet it can also be the easiest step as long as the other three steps were well executed.

By reviewing these important steps and qualities that landing pages must posses, it should be easy to see the great value these essential web pages provide for well-designed marketing campaigns. SEO may be the first part of the marketing journey, but expert landing page creation using a great landing page creation tool is the second and most lucrative part. Since mistakes on these pages can be costly, it makes great sense to utilize landing page creation software that can simplify the process and ensure that marketers can produce the most effective pages for their needs!

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