Social Networks

Almost everything revolves around social networks, which have become one of the most lucrative sources of quality leads out there. Yet to get the most from social networking, it is important to keep up with current trends and participate in them.

Make sure your efforts, including the use of efficient social media automation, are worthwhile by keeping up with the latest social marketing trends. We are more than halfway through 2017 and there are definitely some important trends to notice if you haven't already.

Video and Live Streaming

Audience preference for video content has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Incorporating video into your company’s marketing campaigns is more important than ever.

Along with standard video, the businesses already using it are getting great results with live streaming. Facebook live is reporting record numbers of users and audiences. As a result, many other social networks are now introducing live video streaming as well.

Social Advertising On the Rise

As social media has slowly taken over the internet as a whole, companies are beginning to see just how successful advertising campaigns on these sites can be. They are easier to set up and target plus bring the many benefits of social networking, like sharing and easy audience engagement.

One of the other important advantages of this type of advertising is how well it works for mobile. With all the major sites investing in better and easier mobile advertising platforms, social media advertising is becoming one of the best marketing options in today's world.

Growing Demand for Social Media Management Software

With so much demand and growth, social networks are adding more new features and increasing site functions quickly. In response, more SEOs are looking for social media automation software to help manage their individual social pages.

These programs streamline everything from campaign planning, content, and ad production to the scheduled posting of different content to numerous sites.

Social Media Ecommerce

Another growing trend on many sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram is ecommerce directly from the site. Businesses can now sell directly to their followers using ecommerce ads that feature call to action buttons leading to a purchase page.

With more than 50% of users stating they follow brands to learn about new products for sale and over 30% stating they use social media when looking to make a purchase, this is an important trend that all businesses should benefit from.

Increase in Older Social Media Users

The use of social media continues to increase in leaps and bounds to the point where today, the line between using the internet and some form of social networking has become nearly synonymous. A large part of this growth has been in users over the age of 35. As the median age of users slowly increases, more companies can advertise using these platforms.

Social networks have become one of the most important tools for successful online marketing. As social networking sites continue to creatively expand their services and functions, they influence trends with both the audiences and companies wanting to advertise on the sites. Get the most from your social media marketing by following the growing trends, which include finding a useful social media automation program to keep you on top of it all!

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