Social Media Automation

Social media has become an essential part of marketing, offering a large opportunity to reach interested audiences more easily than ever before. On the other hand, properly using these pages to generate engagement can be extremely time-consuming. Some feel that social media automation offers a solution to this problem, while others find that automation does not cater to marketing goals for a number of reasons. Should marketers use social media automation software? The answer, and the pros and cons, will differ for each business.

The Plus Side of Automation

The main benefit of using social media automation software is that it enables companies to keep engaging with followers, even when there isn’t someone manually making every post. It offers the chance to be more easily active, helping brands keep their names current with frequent posts. Automation saves time while helping gain followers and shares, which are the main point of even using social media in the first place.

The Negative Side of Automation

In spite of the time savings and increase in follows, social media automation has a substantial downside that requires marketers to think twice before just jumping in without an effective goal plan. Keeping accounts active with frequent posting is a good thing; however, it’s also important to be able to track marketing campaigns and target users specifically, something that not all automation applications allow.

If one of the purposes of frequent posting is to engage the audience, companies need to engage back in order to build brand reputation and build follows based on actual interaction. When audiences interact, they like interaction in return, not just form responses. Even though it takes more time, personalized responses are more desirable and generate better overall audience response.

Which Is Better?

Considering both the positives and negatives, there is no clear answer on whether a company should use social media automation or not. It really depends on the business itself and how it uses its social media. For some companies, simple automation to gain followers and increase exposure is more than enough. Other companies may need to post more than just simple content designed only to increase follows. They also need the ability to carefully track marketing campaigns and more precisely target specific audiences.

Considering the different needs of businesses and the goals they must meet with their marketing campaigns, many find a combination of both techniques can work best. Posting with social media automation software is definitely useful; however, it should not be the only source of content reaching social pages. Many of today’s more advanced applications even have better targeting capabilities. Yet there is still a lot to be said for personal interaction with followers as well as carefully planning out and delivering targeted content.

Social media automation is a great marketing tool that offers a number of advantages; however, it has a few shortcomings as well. To get the best use from social media automation software, marketers must consider ways to integrate automation to supplement their campaigns, yet not replace manual posting and personal interaction. Using a good balance of both, automation tools can definitely enhance any marketing campaign!

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