Social media automation can make social networking easier and faster for businesses looking to get favorable results from their content marketing plans.

Yet it’s important that marketers are not misled that using social media automation software like SiteSuperCharger means they can "set it and forget it" as the point of using social media is to create customer engagement.

Automation can be a helpful tool as long as it’s used properly in an effective social marketing campaign.

How Can Social Media Automation Improve Campaigns?

Social networking is an important tool to integrate into any online marketing strategy as it can provide many benefits.

Marketers can use social media to increase brand awareness and exposure, grow a following and customer base, increase sales, as well as build and maintain brand reputation and authority.

Because there are so many sites to include in an effective content marketing plan, facilitating some of the process using social media automation software is a great idea.

Repetitive tasks can be automated; content can be planned, curated, and then pre-scheduled for posting which makes it easier to keep content constantly moving in front of followers and building brand awareness.

Automation software can even be used to create custom responses to certain types of common queries that don’t actually require a human response.

Can Humans Be Replaced by Social Media Automation?

As much as social media automation can help streamline the content marketing process and keep many different social accounts flowing with content, it’s essential that marketers understand that social networking cannot fully replace human interaction on social networks.

The whole purpose of social media sites is to be social and build connections, meaning that business owners should not use automation as a way to avoid actual contact and interaction with customers.

Instead, businesses should seek engagement and schedule automated posts to publish at times when they will generate the most engagement between followers, then respond to and become involved in that engagement.

The more engagement a post receives and is shared, the more likely it is to go viral, which can bring in more followers and greatly increase conversions.

Social Media Automation and Engagement Must Work Together

Though it may be easy for a company to collect followers using automated posting, it’s engaging those followers that builds relationships with them and creates more customers.

Conversing with followers, answering customer questions, and replying to comments within the content is essential to build relationships with followers and increase brand trust.

Followers and customers who post a comment and receive an actual reply are more likely to become or stay customers.

What Is Key to Successful Social Networking?

Automating parts of your content marketing process using social media automation software like SiteSuperCharger can help broaden your audience and convert more customers faster, easier, and more cost-effectively.

The key to achieving that success is customer engagement and interacting with the followers of your social network pages.

Get the most from social media automation by partnering with it, not using it to avoid having to interact with the very followers who can make or break your business!

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