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In the world of search engine optimization and marketing, there are a few important elements that are especially useful for driving traffic to websites. One such marketing tool is the landing page. Landing pages are not actual websites; they are individual pages designed with a single job and goal to generate leads.

Landing page creation is also fairly easy, although it does require a good understanding of what must be done to make a good one. Fortunately, these essential marketing sites can be easily generated in large numbers by using efficient landing page automation software.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a singular web page designed with one main purpose:  to get viewers to do something. Landing pages are not a website home page nor are they truly informational, although they must contain enough informational and promotional content to generate viewer interest. They are optimized using a keyword and targeted to specific audiences. They are also the initial means of attracting traffic and funneling it to an actual website.

They do this by offering something to the viewer, either a solution to the problem that has led them to search or some type of "freebie." When done effectively by using landing page automation programs that make the process easier, landing page creation can be one of the most successful means of generating high-quality leads that can lead to conversions.

What Do Landing Pages Do?

Landing pages are marketing sites designed to generate leads, create conversions, and build promotional email lists. Regardless of what type of conversion is required, they attract more interested leads because they are finely targeted by a keyword to reach a very specific and interested audience.  

Whether the goal is to get viewers to sign up for an email list, download a free file, register for a webinar, or make a purchase, it can be easily accomplished by using a well-optimized landing page.

Because each one is targeted to a specific user, multiple pages collectively perform much better at bringing in interested traffic than an entire website, which is typically optimized using multiple keywords. Individually, they may also generate better ranking in the SERPs than a home page or another page on the website would.

How Many Landing Pages Does A Website Need?

As simple and effective as landing pages may be, the trick to success is to use them in large numbers. Because each one is focused on a single keyword or keyphrase, it is important that enough of these pages be posted, one for each keyword or phrase being targeted.

Individually, a landing page may not have much effect. Yet since creating landing pages is so easy when using landing page automation that allows tens or even hundreds to be done, conversions increase dramatically. This is because the entire audience base sees a page targeted specifically to them.

When used correctly, landing pages are powerful marketing tools that should be used in every website search engine marketing campaign. They can be targeted to both broad and narrow audiences to bring in greater numbers of more interested leads, increasing conversion rates as a result.

When generated by using landing page automation software, it is easy to tackle landing page creation and post as many individual, promotional pages as necessary to attract interested traffic and produce more leads!

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