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To achieve great results with any kind of landing pages, there are a few important points to be taken into account during landing page creation. Regardless of whether they are being generated using landing page automation or in some other way, useful pages are those that have a few important qualities.

Consider the practices below when formatting these sites to ensure they are as effective as they should be to generate leads and improve sales conversions.

Simple, Clean Design

First and foremost, great landing pages require a clean design that is esthetically pleasing and works to support the purpose of the page. This is an essential detail that must be remembered throughout the landing page creation process to prevent these sites from becoming too busy and complex.

Effective pages are simple and comprised of only a few basic visual elements. They use a few colors and include smaller fonts than those used in headlines and subheaders. They may also include one or two high-quality images or a video and this is usually all that is necessary. Since they are not true websites and exist only to generate leads or funnel users into the actual site, this is sufficient.

Clear and Easy to Understand

In addition to a simple design, an effective landing page must also be clear, concise, and easily understood by the viewer. The amount of content should be as minimal as possible and written to avoid unnecessary words. Content should also be basic and written in a manner that is easy for the viewer to understand so there is no question as to what they are being offered and how they can get it.

Emphasis can be made by using headlines and subheaders as well as arrows or other graphics. Text should be large enough for easy reading. When using landing page automation programs, your main focus should be to find ways to include as much information as possible in the simplest, most concise way.

Mobile Friendly Design

Since more and more people are using mobile devices to search, mobile-friendliness is another critical quality that useful landing pages must possess. Pages need to utilize responsive web design that displays all information properly on a variety of screen sizes.

You should ensure these pages load quickly and that fonts and other elements shrink to fit as necessary, allowing viewers to see the page the way it is meant to be viewed. This must include properly working forms and links that are tested for mobile use and work reliably for lead generation.

An Enticing Offer

After you consider the design, content, and create all pages to be mobile-friendly, the final step for landing page creation is including a valuable offer for the viewer. This was mentioned in the previous post as one of the four essential elements necessary for a landing page and bears mentioning again. A page that does not present a compelling offer of something the user wants is a failed one. You must think carefully about the target audience and what they may find valuable, then make the right offer.

Landing pages produced by using the practices referenced above will be the most effective and generate the best results. Landing page creation should focus on providing just enough information to build interest while presenting it in the simplest and most user-friendly way. With the help of landing page automation programs designed to take these important factors into account, building useful and lead-generating pages has never been easier!

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