Landing Pages

With a basic understanding of what a landing page is and how each variation is used, it is possible to move on to actual landing page creation. Whether generating a template manually or using automation software that includes integrated landing page templates, these sites need a few important details for them to be effective. Even though all landing pages for different businesses will be unique in many ways, they must all include the same four basic, yet critical elements.

1. An Attention-Grabbing Headline

The first thing that viewers see on any landing page is the headline. To attract their attention and progress viewers through the page and hopefully to the point of conversion, that headline must be compelling and obvious. What the headline says is just as important as its appearance on the page.

Craft a headline that explains to the viewer how they got to the page and what they can expect there that can solve their problem. Then, support the headline with as much or as little copy necessary according to the page type and its main goal.  Give viewers a reason to keep reading with an engaging headline.

2. An Offer of Value

Landing page creation should also include some sort of offer that the targeted viewer will find of value. People like getting things for free. If the freebie is of enough interest or benefit to them, they will take advantage of the free offer. Give away a free subscription to an informative email newsletter, a free ebook, a discount, or something else that will appeal to the targeted audience but require them to submit an email address to get it. Include simple email submission forms on all landing pages that are designed to generate leads.

3. Quality Images

Regardless of whether your page is designed to generate leads or sell something directly, it needs images and/or other graphics. A successful layout can include one or two quality images of the product being promoted. It can even contain just some simple graphics that enhance the page and relate it to the brand even if there is only an offer and an email form. Most automation software includes easy to use integrated landing page templates that suggest usage and placement, depending on the page type and other details.

4. An Effective Call to Action

Finally, no landing page is complete without an effective, easily noticed Call to Action. This button or link should stand out from the rest of the site and prompt a user to click to solve their problem. You should use phrasing that supports the viewer’s decision to click by once again telling them what they will receive once they do. The standard "buy now" prompt may work in some instances; however, CTAs can be much more effective by highlighting the value of actually clicking the link.

By using these four basic elements, landing pages can be built either manually or by using software with integrated landing page templates that generate quality leads and increase conversions. Although the amount of additional content included will differ according to the product or service being promoted and the type of landing page required, these elements are the backbone of landing page creation!

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