Social Media Automation

There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of every decision, including those considering whether or not you should adopt social media automation as part of your online marketing campaign. There are many benefits that can be obtained through social media automated posting; generally, the pros outweigh the cons.

Still, social media automation software may not be for everyone. To determine whether automation is a beneficial tool to manage an online marketing campaign, your company must know the advantages and how to use automation correctly for the best results.  

Advantages of Automating Social Media

When done correctly, social media automation offers many benefits to a search engine marketing campaign that are harder to gain without automation, such as the following:

  • Consistent Content Delivery - By using social media automation software, you can streamline the process of content creation and keep content posting consistent with many different websites through pre-planned post scheduling. Continuous release of quality content is essential for generating SEO while keeping a brand relevant to your audience.
  • Greater Exposure - More regularly posted content means greater exposure to targeted audiences and increased sharing with additional audiences. This allows your company to get the most from the use of social media by keeping your brand active and relevant before an audience.
  • Convenience and Efficiency - Automation saves time and effort, giving an SEM company the ability to effectively plan, create, post, and monitor, resulting in more effective campaigns that generate greater results. It also allows marketing agencies to make better use of resources and staff.

Disadvantages of Automating Social Media

Unfortunately, social media automated posting also comes with a few shortcomings that you should know about before jumping in with an automation package. Understanding the following disadvantages can help you know what steps to take to avoid them:

  • Lack of Engagement - One of the biggest issues that sometimes comes with social media automation is a lack of engagement with followers. Engagement is as equally important for building brand recognition and authority as frequent posting. Avoid this with the proper monitoring and by finding ways to acknowledge user engagement by interacting with followers. 
  • Neglecting Social Media - Although the purpose of automation is to ensure that social media pages get more attention, it is easy to fall into a pattern of neglecting these pages once they are automated. Effective automation includes the proper monitoring and engagement as mentioned above as well as paying close attention to what is going on within these sites.
  • Poor Post Timing - Posting content to reach an audience at the wrong time can reduce its effectiveness. More importantly, posting sensitive content in light of certain current events could seriously undermine a brand’s reputation. Preventing such issues means doing research to determine an effective posting schedule and staying on top of current news events in order to prevent topics being posted that may be considered insensitive or controversial from one day to the next.

Getting the Most from Automation

Achieving all the benefits, while avoiding the downside of social media automated posting means knowing when and how to schedule appropriate content for posting and how to deliver it to the proper channels. It is especially useful for reposting older content alongside newer and current content, although it still requires careful monitoring and emphasis on engagement.

Considering the different points referenced above, your company can obtain the many advantages of social media automation as long as you avoid the pitfalls that can come with it. When properly planned, social media automated posting offers important benefits that result in greater marketing success due to consistency, SEO building, and becoming a more valuable asset to users. A balanced combination of monitoring and manual engagement, along with the use of social media automation software, will net the best marketing results!

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