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The SEO world is always moving and changing, trying to keep up with search algorithm development. Whether you work with SEO automation by using online SEO software or do things on your own, staying on top of the trends is essential.

In 2018, marketing experts are seeing three main trends: content improvement, optimization, and voice search. Get the most from your SEO software and marketing efforts by mastering these three important topics.

1. Content Improvement

Improving content seems to make the list of content topics every year - for good reason.

As algorithms continue to evolve, there is one constant that remains the same: the need for high-quality content that is both user-friendly and optimized.

Keep your website performing its best by doing some spring cleaning to improve the quality of its content.

Produce high-quality content!

Print a crawl list of all your pages and dig in. Search for duplicate content and other things that should be removed, then make sure it gets done.

Use a fine-toothed comb to go through your data looking for plagiarism, poor grammar, poor keyword use, outdated content, and thin content that needs beefing up.

Quality, optimized content will always be the #1 rule of SEO, especially when using online SEO software to streamline the content production process.

2. Optimization

Mobile-first is everything according to Google. Make sure you have a website that is mobile-friendly. Use responsive web design, dynamic serving, or have a separate mobile site or app.

Avoid common mistakes when using SEO automation, such as slow page loading, unplayable content that requires flash, faulty redirects, blocked images, and JavaScript.

Take mobile usage seriously!

Avoid interstitial ads; use banners instead. Ensure all cross-links go to mobile pages and not those on a standard site. All of these small and often overlooked optimization details can improve user experience and generate good SEO.

3. Voice Search

Voice search is officially a "thing" with Google and most other major technology brands. Its popularity keeps growing along with mobile use.

To keep up with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, and any other AI assistants that come along, optimize for voice search with your SEO software.

The key to effective voice optimization is knowing your audience, what they do, when they use voice search, and what questions they will ask.

You must know how to optimize for voice search!

Beyond optimizing for conversational queries, it is critical to optimize content so it answers the questions users search with. With voice search becoming a key mobile-first ranking factor, it is especially important for local search where most voice searches are done.

Improve voice optimization by claiming local business directories on Google, My Business, and other sites. Strive to occupy the feature snippet and ensure overall content optimization and mobile-friendliness.

The coming year promises to be a challenging one for marketing specialists as mobile-first and voice search step into the main spotlight. The best way to stay on top of these trends is to perfect these three primary points and increase efficiency with SEO automation

One way to do this is through online SEO software like SiteSuperCharger. This SEO software will give you greater control over content production and marketing, which will make quality control, distribution, and all elements of website optimization easier and more precise!

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