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The task of generating great SEO keeps getting more challenging by the day. A large part of website optimization involves article posting and the creation of great content. As Google has stated loudly and clearly that pagerank goes to those who provide continuous, relevant, and useful content, some marketers are struggling to keep up with the creation and delivery of enough content. One option, when used effectively, is automated article posting.

Automation Does Not Mean Spamming

Many people have the misconception that automation is good for little more than spamming social sites with promotional links, which is not the case at all. Automated article posting can be highly effective when done the right way. It streamlines the process of creating quality content and then delivering it in a variety of ways, leaving marketers with more time for planning great content and designing the most effective campaigns.

Automated Content Sharing - Help for Marketers

When used as part of a complete marketing campaign, article posting with automation software can provide great benefits. The main advantage is time savings, which leaves SEMs the opportunity to explore other marketing options; however, there is much more beyond that.

Today’s more advanced automation tools complete important SEO tasks like keyword research and campaign tracking more easily than doing so manually, which yields better results with less work. These tools can also be used for site audits and everything from checking for broken links to viewing most current keyword ranking.

Besides providing powerful content creation tools, they allow for more control over article posting and publishing, helping to ensure the right content gets delivered to the right audiences as scheduled. Overall, automation can turn the whole content creation and publishing process into a cost-effective one, giving customers affordable options to get the best pagerank. In turn, SEMs can work smarter, not harder, to gain better results.

Stay Alert to Disadvantages

Automated content creation and posting offers many benefits; however, it does have its downside when not used effectively. Best use of automation applications involves a balance between manual posting and automation. Keep this in mind to avoid situations where quantity begins to override the importance of quality, as quality should always be the main priority.

It is also important for marketers to pay careful attention to generating great inbound links to support website content, even if it is automatically posted. Just because content is posted using an automation program does not mean it can be forgotten about - it is still essential to encourage engagement from targeted audiences and give them personalized responses when they do engage.

Automated article posting is not a set-it-and-forget-it marketing option. When done correctly, it offers busy SEMs and their clients many advantages. Using the right automation tools, article posting, content creation, and many optimization tasks can be facilitated, streamlining these time-consuming parts of the website marketing process. The results, when integrated into a well-planned marketing strategy, are improved efficiency, lower costs, and more time to explore other strategies!

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