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Search engine optimization has been around since the beginning of online marketing. Every marketer knows about SEO and how to achieve excellent optimization using SEO software and other marketing methods.

You may not realize that SEO is actually part of search engine marketing or SEM. This category encompasses website optimization and SEO techniques performed with local SEO software to organically improve pagerank. It also includes broader marketing techniques, such as paid advertising.

Although search engine marketing is technically the main marketing category, search engine optimization using cloud based SEO software is required for any form of SEM to be effective.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization, whether done manually or using convenient SEO software, increases page rank through organic search. Websites that are well-optimized with keywords, content, formatting, and website design are easier to use, be interpreted by search engines, and of more value to users.

Strategic keyword use, link building, metadata, establishing authority, and positive brand reputation are essential elements in effective SEO. Since this can encompass quite a lot, cloud based SEO software makes site optimization easier and more controlled.

How Does SEM Work?

Search engine marketing or SEM is used to get pagerank without relying on organic search alone. Essentially, SEM is paying for exposure to get a brand’s name in front of target audiences. Yet SEM does not work on its own and requires SEO as well.

Since advertising in the SERPs is keyword-based to ensure ads are shown to the right audiences, optimization including the use of local SEO software is critical. To generate the best ROI for paid advertising, websites must be properly optimized for organic search.

Do I Need Both SEO and SEM?

Technically, any marketing campaign can succeed if it is based on effective website optimization. The most valuable traffic for any website are users who find the site naturally via search engines. Pages that are well-optimized using convenient SEO software and served in the SERPs to the most relevant audiences build pagerank and increase business exposure.

The downside is that generating pagerank organically can be very time-consuming and take months for pages to appear on the first page of the SERPs. This is where SEM steps in.

Through paid advertising with Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, and other keyword-based search engine advertising platforms, marketers can ensure their ads view according to relevant keyword searches, providing immediate pagerank and attention to the business.

Although SEM is not required to gain pagerank, it is recommended when getting pagerank today is important. In addition, since SEM provides immediate exposure and increases the chance of clicks, these pages see more traffic and are more quickly valuable to increase pagerank.

SEO and SEM support each other. They they focus on different ways of gaining exposure and pagerank, search engine optimization managed with local SEO software or cloud based SEO software is required for success with SEM. Paid ads and webpage optimization used with effective SEO software combine to generate fast and effective campaign results!

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