As cloud-based computing soars to new heights with improving technology and security, Software As A Service or SaaS has become a new buzzword for businesses to know.

Using cloud based software or SaaS offers many companies access to important tools including marketing tools more conveniently and affordably than traditional software.

Whether using business software or cloud-based SEO portal software for managing marketing campaigns, SaaS can help your company achieve its business goals!

What Is SaaS?

SaaS is the abbreviation for Software As A Service. It is a way of running software, including cloud-based SEO software, from a cloud server so it can be accessed anywhere by any internet-connected device that has access to the software.

SaaS is offered by software vendors who host their product on servers, then sell access to their software to users like your company as an alternative to buying your own copy of the software, pay the licensing fees and other charges so your employees can use it, and then host plus maintain it on your own hardware or cloud server.

How Does SaaS Help My Company?

The two main benefits that SaaS offers to most companies is giving them access to important online software tools like cloud-based SEO portal software and other maintenance-free applications; it gives them cost-effective solutions for daily business operations.

You will have more affordable access to tools you might not be able to afford in an onsite setting.

SaaS convenience can also boost productivity by giving you an easy, trouble-free means of keeping your entire company connected and able to access the tools they need.

Can I Customize SaaS?

As SaaS has grown exponentially and become a very desirable business solution, vendors are producing applications that are more customizable to suit your company’s specific needs.

Most products allow you to configure the look, feel, and features of the software so it provides you with the UI and capabilities you need.

Are There Any Disadvantages to SaaS?

SaaS is generally a highly productive, cost-effective, and safe solution for businesses looking to increase their profitability by using applications such as cloud based SEO software as well as other business and marketing tools.

When making the decision to use SaaS, it’s important to acknowledge the potential disadvantages that could affect your business:

  • Data Ownership - Generally, SaaS vendor contracts state that they do not claim ownership of any data you may upload into the cloud using their product. This is definitely something that should be clarified and negotiated, if necessary, if the vendor does claim ownership for some reason.
  • Security - Cloud security has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years; however, it is essential to understand the type of security features within the software as well as the cloud server from which it is run to ensure they suit your security needs.
  • Internet Connection - SaaS requires a strong constant Internet connection or you could face unproductive downtime.
  • Vendors Going Out of Business - SaaS vendors do go out of business, just like any other software vendor. Most make agreements with their server hosting companies to keep data available to their customers; however, you should confirm this ahead of time.

Does Your Company Need SaaS?

Generally speaking, SaaS can be a great tool for most companies that want convenient access to great software applications, including cloud based SEO portal software like SiteSuperCharger.

It is particularly suited to smaller and medium-sized companies that need portability and access options for multiple people or locations; larger businesses with more complex needs may not find the functionality they need.

Determine what functions you need in your business software and who needs to use it to decide if cloud-based SaaS software will work for you!

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