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There is a lot of debate about portal websites that might be created using SEO portal software, questioning whether they are actually useful website pages or just another spam page. While many poorly created pages may be viewed as spammy and be flagged by Google; portal pages properly generated using automated SEO portal software can be useful and effective. Portals such as landing pages have much more value than simple link-building sites when they are designed to actually be useful.

Before discounting these very important mini-websites, consider the benefits of using cloud-based SEO portal software to create landing pages that are relevant and effective without being considered spam.

Why Are Portal Websites Considered Spam?

Since they became popular many years ago, most portal websites have been flagged as spam when their only purpose was to create links to a website to improve SEO. Many of these pages contain little if any useful information; what content is there is generally regurgitated from elsewhere within the website. These kinds of portal pages are generated using simple SEO portal software to simply make a new page that can rank, without providing anything useful to the searcher. Users and Google alike find these pages to be little more than annoying spam and are now penalized by Google.

What Is A Good Portal or Landing Page?

Not all portal websites are bad. Landing pages created to attract specific searches and provide them with useful information are different than a spam-type portal page. While they do help to generate SEO, a properly-created portal or landing page does much more than just fill up the SERPs with pages that link to the main website. They are functional on their own, helping users determine if they are in the right place, and where they should go to learn more about a product or service on a website’s vast selection of pages. Functioning somewhat as a searchable and more focused link to menu items, these pages are not at all spam-like and promotional; they  are actually informative.

What Benefits Do Portal Websites Offer?

Some of the main benefits gained when using effective portal websites with landing pages are increased visibility for relevant keywords and locations as well as an easier way to guide users to the right site locations based on their searches. Many individual landing pages can be created to focus on specific ideas or keywords, rather than one page that focuses on many keywords simply to generate more clicks.

Based on the type of content they contain, these pages also function as multiple home pages that receive positive attention from search engines. They can be easily added to search directories based on specific keywords and search terms, allowing more thorough SEO targeting. When generated with the purpose of guiding the user to the information they seek, as opposed to simply generating more clicks throughout a portal, portal websites also increase positive user interaction, another highly valued trait that improves SEO.

Considering these ideas, the important thing to understand is that portal pages designed using automated SEO portal software can be effective without being spammy. The difference between a good landing page and one that will be flagged is in its purpose and the content presented. By using the right SEO portal software that takes all of this into account, anyone working with SEO can generate the portals they need to bring in more traffic without the downsides associated with link-building spam pages!

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