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Article posting is one of the best ways to keep your brand in front of target audiences and engage with them. Yet keeping up with blogs, social media, email, and other distribution channels can be challenging. Fortunately, article automation makes doing this much easier. Consider the many benefits to be gained using automated article posting and how it can help your online marketing strategy as well.

1. Greater Results from Fewer Resources

By using article automation, you can reduce the time that staff spends on content production and delivery. This process becomes more streamlined, reducing duplicative efforts and time wasted in other ways. It yields better results in less time and with less effort.

2. Better Use of Resources

When staff members save time and effort and reduce redundancy, they will have more time to devote to other content production and marketing tasks. Automated article posting can have a positive effect on the entire marketing process, providing the resources necessary to thoroughly develop and test new ideas.

3. Increased ROI

A trickle-down effect of improved resource allocation is increased return on investment (ROI). Marketing campaigns that use automation often cost less to run. They are also more effective in generating the attention needed to result in more leads and better sales. The more thorough and creative a campaign is, the more sales it will generate.

4. More Control Over Content Distribution

When articles must be posted on multiple websites, blogs, social media sites, and distribution email, it can be tedious and time-consuming to keep monitor. You will have greater control over which channels you post to and how frequently as well as other important distribution choices by using efficient automation software.

5. Schedule Timely and Effective Posting Schedules

Another important benefit of automated article posting is the ability to produce detailed posting schedules. Regular content can go out routinely and time-sensitive posts can be scheduled for the greatest marketing effect.

6. Easily Recirculate Relevant Existing Content

Redistributing certain older content can boost interest in these posts, improve SEO, and make more efficient use of your resources. Whether you are redistributing content as-is or repurposing it through editing, managing this content with an automation program allows it to work harder for you.

7. Easily Track Engagement and Response

Article automation software includes important tools that allow you to track how much attention your posts are getting on various distribution channels for more effective campaign planning. By tracking post-engagement, you can program automated responses or provide manual ones without missing out on any activity that is occurring on your posts.

8. A/B Testing and Campaign Modification

By using the analytics data gathered with this type of article posting, it is much easier to make changes to existing content campaigns or design new ones. Efficient automation software also allows you to conveniently perform A/B testing with different content delivery methods, channels, and schedules.

9. Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Tracking who is responding to your articles and opening your emails with convenient analytics tools allows you to target specific audiences more easily and monitor the results. Better audience targeting increases the chance of shares, leads, and sales.

Based on the benefits discussed above, it is easy to see how automated article posting can be a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy. Article automation makes content marketing faster, easier, and more effective, which lets your content work harder for you. Before you decide to continue with the inconveniences of manual article posting, look into the ways automation software like SiteSuperCharger can reinvent content distribution as well as the entire marketing process!

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