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Most people know that landing pages are a critical part of any online marketing campaign. What you may not know are the 5 various landing page types, each one designed to work in a different way.

Before you start landing page creation, think about your end goals. When you are ready to begin designing landing pages using a landing page creation tool, you will have a better understanding of what elements to include in your design.

1. Lead Generation

The most common landing pages used in online marketing, lead generation pages typically include some copy about the item or service being offered and a form to complete. They are designed to attract business leads and collect viewer information.

The sales team will use submitted information that usually includes a name, email address, and sometimes a phone number to target the contact based on their displayed interest. This could mean a sales call, promotional emails, a trial offer, or other things to offer.

2. Click Through

One of the simplest landing pages that is generated with a landing page creation tool, click through landings have one purpose - to get viewers to click through to another page. These highly effective pages are designed to include a bold headline, limited copy offering something, and a CTA that takes the user to the Home Page, a signup, a video, or some other offer.

Click through landing page creation is fairly simple as these pages provide just enough information to generate user interest and draw them deeper into your website.

3. Email Capture

Email capture pages are exactly what they sound like: landing pages designed to get viewers to submit only their names and email addresses. They usually offer some type of freebie and are followed up with an autoresponder email. They are designed as either complete pages with an email signup form included or as a pop-up that appears while viewers are reading another page.

Email captures let you send company news and promotions to interested readers and are used specifically to build your email list, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site, not to generate leads.  

4. Ecommerce

While ecommerce landing pages are not used as much with ecommerce websites that are designed for shoppers to add items to shopping carts and make purchases, these pages can be useful to highlight specific products.

Designed with a landing page creation tool like click-through pages, these pages are like sales pages that offer product details to entice the viewer. They include a click-through CTA to take viewers to a purchase page or shopping cart.  

5. Microsite

Technically a website since it involves more than simple landing page creation, a microsite functions as both a promotional page and a website. Microsites are a company website version where all information is contained on the same page. The main layout is designed with basic information and a CTA that includes some sort of offer.

Links in a simplified menu bar scroll viewers further down on the same page rather than linking them to different URLs. Microsites are useful for businesses that offer many services or need to include more than just the basic details on promotional sites.

Based on these brief descriptions, you can see that each type of landing pages, are individually designed to achieve different goals. If you are using landing page creation, it is essential to understand which type will best support your marketing efforts and generate the results you need.

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