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Landing pages have become an essential tool in effective website marketing; however, not all of these pages are the same. Some of them lead capture pages that may have been created with the assistance of good landing page creation software should be focused on SEO, while others are focused on conversion. Landing page automation software may take most of the work out of creating great landing pages; however, they need to address the site’s main needs and each page’s specific job to be effective. By understanding these two important elements, anyone using landing page SEO software can have the most effective landing pages possible.

SEO Focused Landing Pages

Landing pages that focus on SEO are those designed for a site to be noticed and bring in traffic. By using targeted keywords, locations, and lists of resources, these pages showcase everything a site offers to create interest and draw the viewer further into the site.

Landing pages focusing on SEO must cater to Google’s specific requirements in terms of good SEO to gain page rank and be more visible to those searching online. They must also be general enough to create interest from the widest audiences that may be searching for those particular keywords. SEO needs to be well written so there is a low bounce rate and high click-through rate, basically performing well as a marketing page. Whether created with SEO software or landing page creation software, the main importance is their ability to be searched and provide the proper information to the user to encourage them to move on to more conversion-focused pages. Therefore, a Call to Action or CTA must be included on conversion-focused pages to guide viewers in the right direction.

Conversion Focused Landing Pages

The main ways in which conversion-focused landing pages differ from SEO-focused pages are the traffic that views them and what they must accomplish. Conversion-focused pages should cater to the interested viewer who has already made it past the SEO landing pages and has a definite interest in the product or service.

On these pages, content providing information about the product or service is more important than resources. These pages can include video, testimonials, and other information that will help the user appreciate what the product or service can do for them. On these pages, things such as bounce rate and keyword focus are less important since the interest is already there. Great content that answers the user’s questions or guides them on to the appropriate page inside the website are the priority. Yet the various conversion pages created with landing page automation software must be focused on specific audiences, so many landing page variations may exist.

Which Landing Page Do You Need?

In order to determine which type of landing page is necessary, an SEO-focused page or a conversion-focused page, depends upon the answer to a few important questions. What the website wanting to rank for broader, generic keywords or more focused, conversion-oriented keywords? Is keyword ranking important or just the conversion rate? Obviously when seeking to attract broader audiences, an SEO-focused landing page that leads to a more focused conversion page is preferable. If both attraction and conversion is desired, it may be necessary to experiment with combining elements of both page types to see what works best for the specific website.

With this in mind, anyone who uses landing page creation software or who builds them based on SEO software suggestions can decide what type of page they need and what it should contain. Flexible landing page automation software that enables the user to create the SEO or conversion pages necessary to achieve conversion goals is essential. By using the right landing pages, websites can draw in the most interested users first, then appropriately direct them to pages designed to convert specific users!

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