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A common marketing question many website owners ask is the difference between landing pages generated using landing page automation tools and the home page? Although each offers a way for audiences to contact your business website, the differences are many.

To achieve the best results from landing page creation, you must understand their purpose and how they function separately than your home page.

Home Page  - What Is Their Purpose?

A home page is the main entrance to a website, the first thing visitors see on a website's main URL. Home pages offer users everything from a navigation menu and important website links to announcements about featured products or content.

The purpose of a home page is to welcome visitors, create awareness about a company and what it offers, and give choices on what to do next. The main goals of every home page are to connect with users, hold their attention, provide information they seek, and eventually get them to convert.

Appearance and functionality are extremely important for home pages as it is the first impression for visitors. If the home page looks unappealing or doesn't offer desired information, many users will click off rather than look further. In comparison to landing page creation, even though both must be well designed for effectiveness, home pages are more comprehensive while landing pages are very singularly focused.

Landing Pages - What Are Their Purpose?

Landing pages are promotional marketing pages that serve one specific purpose unlike the intent of a home page. Since they are designed to only one generate leads or conversions, these sites are much simpler than a home page and focus on one specific item or idea.

They include enticing headlines and a small amount of copy, photos, then a Call-to-Action link or button guiding the viewer to take some sort of action. These pages prompt users to either submit their contact information in order to get some type of freebie or make a purchase.

Since each page focuses on only one item or topic, internet marketers use landing page automation programs to produce them, each optimized for a different keyword and/or location. Landing pages can are easier to optimize  and rank. They are used to build an inbound linking hierarchy within a website, improving overall website rank as well.

Landing and Home Pages - How Are They Alike?

Both home pages and landing pages have the same goal - to generate conversions or sales; they just achieve it in different ways. Pages generated with landing page creation software can be marketed to directly encourage a conversion, while home pages provide general website information.

With how easily they can be optimized and produced using landing page automation and then ranked in the SERPs, landing pages have a higher conversion rate and are an important part of online marketing campaigns. Even if you already have a website delivering reasonably good results, individual landing pages are easier to rank and result in more sales!

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