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Effective landing pages serve only one purpose; they generate lead or sales conversions. They all work in basically the same way. As easy as landing page creation may seem, it does require careful designing to be effective.

Before you start churning out hundreds of pages with a landing page automation tool, make sure your pages are actually usable. The more effective they are, the more success you will have with these important promotional web pages. Consider the following ingredients to create effective landing pages.

  • No-Navigate DesignLanding pages focus on only one idea and have only one goal to generate sales or collect user information. So they should not include any navigation links. A visible CTA should be the only way a visitor can leave the page.
  • Captivating Headline - A headline is essential to attract visitors to remain on the page long enough to read what is there. Landing page creation must include a headline that generates curiosity, offers some kind of benefit or problem resolution, prompts action, and includes important keywords.
  • Concise, Legible Copy - To keep visitors on a page, copy must provide what the headline offered in a simple, easily read way. Highlight the product and provide text that can be understood while being skimmed and yet provide enough information to convince visitors to convert. Legible typeface, format, and design are all critical to ensure readability and comprehension.
  • Interesting High-Quality Photos or Media - In addition to the copy, effective landing pages should include high-quality, interesting media. Professional photos or videos of people using your product, including hero shots, can be both informative and convincing. Show visitors how the product can solve their problem to match with what the text provided.
  • Effective Call-to-Action - A Call-to-Action button is the most important part of pages generated using landing page automation. To be effective, the CTA must catch a visitor’s attention and prompt them to take action. Button size, position, shape, color, and text make a CTA usable and effective in converting visitors. As simple as it might seem, everything about the CTA is important and must be carefully designed.
  • Trust Markers - Trust markers like security badges, customer testimonials, industry certifications, and more are important details that can increase the chance of any type of conversion. Social proof and evidence of site security are essential for building customer trust and company recognition. Visitors are more likely to become customers when they find believable testimonials from people just like them.
  • Short, Simple Submission Form - When it comes to forms, simpler is better. Short, one-column name and email submission forms are ideal and generate the most results. Research points out that more fill-in fields decrease the number of conversions you will get. Keep the design clean and readable, opt for field labels instead of placeholder text, and collect only as much information as necessary to achieve your immediate goals.

Landing pages are valuable marketing tools when properly designed. To make sure yours are useable and convert well, landing page creation must address the above points to ensure good performance.

Fortunately, by using landing page automation software like SiteSuperCharger, you can design effective pages quickly and easily and reap the rewards of increased conversions!

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