Landing Pages

Landing pages made with a unique creation tool have quickly become an essential part of any successful website marketing plan. These simple pages that are easily generated with landing page creation software help any website target interested viewers, especially those who are most likely to become customers. So why do businesses need to add landing pages to their websites? Quite simply, to increase their exposure to the right audiences and increase conversions as a result.

Targeting Promotional Efforts with Landing Pages

The best way to think about the creation of landing pages and how they more effectively target promotion for any website is to compare them to homepages that are general and include links to many different areas on a website. Homepages are targeted more broadly to attract viewers who might be interested in anything that the website has to offer. Users that come to the homepage must then navigate that page to find what they are specifically want.

In comparison, individual landing pages are specifically targeted to cater to only one, product, or keyword. A website will have many different landing pages, each one targeting a specific keyword, search term, or audience target. When viewers search and come to a landing page, that page provides information about what the searcher was specifically looking for. The landing page then directs the viewer to that product on the website or to a shopping cart, making information gathering and purchasing much easier, without a lot of distraction.

Landing Page Conversion Rates

Based on the idea of targeting promotional efforts to specific users rather than relying solely on broad homepage marketing, landing pages bring in more overall conversions for a very simple reason. When people search for something specific and reach a landing page offering them exactly what they are looking for, the connection is more direct.

There is much less chance of losing the viewer due to website distractions or anything else on the main website that could cause that viewer to turn back. The viewers brought in through landing pages are more focused on what they want and more likely to make a purchase since they are actively seeking that product or service.

Homepage Conversion Rates

On the contrary, when viewers first reach a homepage, they are much more likely to lose interest within a few seconds and leave the site, even if what they seek is actually accessible via a link of that page. Considering this significant trend in viewer behavior on e-commerce websites, directly targeted landing pages are proving to be more effective in turning viewers into customers.

Simply stated, targeted promotion using landing pages generated with a landing page creation tool help attract and more easily convert the most interested viewers. Since landing pages can be conveniently customized to target any keyword or audience, it is possible to have countless pages, each one increasing the chance of reaching audiences most likely to make a purchase.

Rather than putting all marketing effort into optimizing the homepage so it is more searchable on a broader scope, many landing pages that individually reach a narrower, targeted audience bring in better conversion numbers. If more conversions and new customers are what companies want from their e-commerce websites, the best way to achieve that is with landing pages made with useful landing page creation software!

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