Landing Pages

In today’s competitive online market, SEO managers need every advantage they can possibly get to generate leads and increase conversions. As a result, landing pages are a marketing tool that should be included in every website marketing plan. Easily generated using landing page creation software, these pages are highly effective, although not always so well understood.

By understanding what landing pages actually are and how to generate them with a landing page creation tool, those who handle SEO will better understand their benefit and how to effectively implement them in a marketing campaign.

What Exactly Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a simple, stand-alone web page creation that website visitors can land on after clicking a link usually from a Search Results page that directs them to a website. Landing pages are unique web pages that are a vital part of a website, although not commonly searched for or linked to when on the website. Instead, landing pages are commonly reached from an online search results page.

They are used to attract specific audiences, then prompt the user to do take an action, such as make a purchase or provide information via a Call to Action or CTA.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two different types of landing pages that are used for two specific purposes. To get the most from landing pages generated with landing page creation software, it is important to understand these two types of pages and how they should be used:

Type #1 - Lead Generating Landing Pages

Also known as lead capture pages, landing pages are simple web pages used to gather information from the viewer, frequently contact information. This information is valuable for effective website marketing and SEO, even more so when it is freely provided by the user. Lead generation pages usually link to a form for the user to complete in order to receive more information about a product or topic.

They often include a special offer for signing up, like a free download, a discount or coupon, a trial offer, a free informational newsletter subscription, etc. The collected contact information can then be used for future marketing efforts.

Type #2 - Click Through Landing Pages

Click through landing pages are web pages that encourage a viewer to click a link that will take them to another page, such as a more detailed informational page or a shopping cart. These created landing pages are often promotional in nature and provide information about the searched-for product or service with the intent of creating even more interest in the product or service.

When the viewer clicks the link on the landing page, they are delivered either to a shopping cart to make a purchase or to a more detailed informational page. In comparison to other website search links that deliver users directly to a shopping cart, click through landing pages are known to improve conversion rates. Since they provide more information to the viewer before being asked to make a purchase, users respond more favorably to click through landing pages than to direct shopping cart links.

Many of the web pages that people click on every day are landing pages designed to do one of two things: gather information or encourage a sale. Landing pages made with an easy-to-use landing page creation tool are a much more effective way for businesses to attract interested viewers based on their searches, then direct them to products and services.

Considering their usefulness and effectiveness, these simple web pages have become vital in today’s competitive business market. Every business should be creating landing pages to attract strong leads and increase their conversion rate. Best of all, using the right landing page creation software, generating landing pages has never been easier!

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