Landing Pages

The use of landing pages is an essential need to increase website exposure and conversion rates. Of course, just like everything else in website marketing, for any pages generated with a landing page creation tool to be effective, they need to provide the right information. In order to attract viewers and them to act, make sure that landing pages generated with landing page creation software include the following elements.

  1. Unique Selling Point (USP) - When a viewer clicks a link in the search results, they should reach a page that directly presents them with what they specifically searched for. For effective landing page creation, use a large heading that matches the search description so viewers know they have reached the right page. Follow with a supporting sub-heading that continues the idea of the main headline.
  2. Image or Video - Including a high quality image or video that shows the user what they are getting is an essential element for effective landing pages. These visuals provide a great way to show off the product in fewer words, which is more effective than more detail in text form. Use photos or video of the product itself, as well as imagery of the product in use by members of the target audience. Maintain interest by showing how the product fills a need and offers benefits to the user.
  3. Bullet List of Product Benefits - Effective landing pages must introduce a product to page viewers and illustrate the many benefits that product provides. After the image or video, include a list of different benefits the user will gain with their purchase. Use a bullet list or even images with descriptions to provide simple or detailed information. Highlight why the product is important to the user and can serve their needs while avoiding statements that mention avcompetitor's similar products.
  4. Social Leveraging to Build Trust - Support the landing page message with some form of social support. Two of the best ways to do this on landing pages generated with a landing page creation tool are with headlines detailing a social achievement or goal like sign-up numbers or purchases or with customer testimonials.
  5. Single Call to Action - Wrap everything up with a conversion goal that reflects the purpose of your landing page. Click through landing pages should include a bold Call to Action such as a button to an order form, positioned just above the final closing statement. Lead generation pages can include either a CTA to a form or a form on the landing page. In either case, there should be a prominent CTA that prompts the viewer to either provide the requested information or make a purchase.
  6. Closing Statement - After the Call to Action, add a short supporting statement that supports the main idea in Point 1 as well as the benefits in Point 3. The closing statement should include another link to the same CTA within the text itself.

Based on this short list of essential elements, it is easy to see just how uncomplicated landing page creation can be. Complete this task easily with the right landing page creation software. By catering to viewer needs, offering commonly sought information and illustrating the benefits in one short, concise web page, landing pages can lead to increased website conversions!

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