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While many of today’s businesses understand the importance of landing pages and use them, many more have not implemented these pages for a variety of reasons. Yet they serve an important function in website SEO and are very useful for increasing targeted site traffic and improving conversion rates. There are a number of tools available for creating great landing pages, including landing page automation software that can even use an integrated landing page template. Considering how easy these pages are to create using landing page creation software, the old excuses no longer hold water.

1. Excuse #1 - They Are Too Expensive To Outsource

For some companies, outsourcing certain tasks is not affordable. When coupled with a lack of knowledge on how to perform these tasks in-house, this can lead to SEO insufficiencies and loss of effectiveness that will translate to a loss of business. Fortunately, with the recent appearance of great landing page creation software, any business using SEO can easily and quickly generate the pages they need. By using the integrated landing page template that comes with these software packages, effective landing pages can be generated in-house without the cost of outsourcing. Essentially, creating effective landing pages has never been easier than it is today with the right automation software.

2. Excuse #2 - I Have Other Ways to Track Leads

Tracking and analyzing leads and traffic is one of the most important aspects of effective SEO. With the proper observance of where traffic is coming from and how it behaves, a businesses can test and tweak their landing pages to generate the best SEO results with the most converted users. While there are a number ways this can be done, it is can be a time-consuming and confusing endeavor that can be reduced and made more efficient with landing page automation software. Software that can create landing pages provides a way to track the performance of each page that is created; it provides many options for generating custom reports that are instrumental in directing SEO efforts and formulating successful landing pages.

3. Excuse #3 - My Existing L/P's Are Good Enough

Lead capture pages need constant attention and adjustment just like any other SEO page. Relying on existing landing pages that do not progress with the ever-changing rules of effective SEO is as good as not having these pages at all. In some situations, it could even hurt SEO efforts. Landing page creation software provides the ability to easily and quickly generate and test countless pages to find the right combination of keywords, content, and other effective elements. Best of all, they relieve the reliance on old pages that are no longer effective due to changes within target audiences, website goals, and SEO techniques in general.

These three excuses, used by many business to not create their own landing pages, are not the only ones that are given. Currently available landing page automation software makes it easier than ever to create attractive and effective lead capture pages, important tracking reports, and much more - all without the cost of outsourcing. Helping companies achieve successful SEO marketing efforts, software that uses an integrated landing page template makes creating SEO landing pages easier than it has ever been!

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