Landing Page Creation

Landing page creation has become an essential part of great online marketing. These lead generators work hard to attract and drive traffic to websites and increase conversions, particularly when they are constructed using effective landing page automation software. Still, too many websites end up in la-la land with pages that fail to deliver because they are missing vital elements.

In order to get the most from these promotional pages, landing page automation that addresses important points is required to funnel in interested viewers, then convert them.

A Focused Topic

To grab the attention of the right viewers there should be a very narrow focus on each page. The design and the topic should be isolated to only one idea based on the keywords and targeted audience. This is where landing page automation software becomes useful, since creating more pages with a focused topic is more effective than trying to address multiple topics with fewer pages. To get the viewer to go to the main website, the focused topic should show how viewers what is being offered and how it can solve their problem.

A Good Offer

An offer works alongside a focused topic. So any offer should be made that relates to what the viewer is searching for based on that specific topic. A good offer will encourage viewers to actually access the page. The offer could be a free download, sign-up, discount, or something similar.

A Unique Selling Point

Every landing page should have a Unique Selling Point or USP to convince viewers how and why the product will best serve their needs with content that provides essential details. Back up the USP with testimonials and other actual social proof. To further solidify the USP, match the main headline to somehow reflect this critical information.

A Clear Call to Action

The whole point of landing page creation is to get a person to complete an action, such as taking advantage of the offer that relates to the focused topic. It is essential to provide a Call To Action or CTA that is clear and removes any question of what the user should do. By using bold attributes and effective positioning as well as clear and instructive text, viewers will know where to click in order to take advantage of what is being offered.

Simple Yet Attractive Design

For the best landing pages created by using landing page automation programs, they must be as simple as possible yet still possess attractive design and formatting. Use quality images and video, an attention-grabbing headline, and just enough copy to get the point across without causing clutter. Be sure to use responsive and mobile-friendly design that maintains the same format across devices and loads quickly.

Integrated CRM

Besides being the optimized lead generator that drives traffic to websites, landing pages can be used as the first step in efficient Customer Relationship Management or CRM that results in more conversions. Adding lead information to CRM campaigns produces higher quality leads, makes retargeting easier, and offers a number of other benefits that increase the value of all landing pages.

There is no doubt among skilled marketers that landing pages are one of the most important and effective marketing tools to use for great lead generation. Yet achieving the best results with landing page creation does require attention to important details like focus, call-to-action, and a USP. Once a great layout has been developed, landing page automation software can improve results even more by making it faster and easier to generate countless pages once a great layout has been developed.

By using landing page automation and the tips mentioned above, you can increase and improve the quality of your leads and get those landing pages out of la-la land for good!

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