By now, you’ve probably realized that blogs are important marketing tools for businesses. You want to start blog posting but are unsure of where to begin and how to set one up.

Fortunately, setting up a new blog for your business and even incorporating blog automation isn’t very difficult at all.

Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be posting in no time. Once you do, your blog can become a critical part of your online marketing strategy.

Step 1 - Find A Content Managing System for the Blog

A content managing system or CMS is a platform that provides users with the basic tools needed to put up blogs. To have one, you need some kind of CMS.

The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress because of how easy it is to learn and the many features included.

Other popular options include Drupal, TypeSpace, Moveable Type, and many others. You can also use a custom-designed CMS your blog posting or one provided by a hosting company.

Of them all, most businesses choose WordPress so they can get started quickly, add the functionality they need, and gain the benefits of added SEO optimization.

Step 2 - Find A Web Host For The Blog

After choosing a CMS, you must choose a web host to rent server space from so your blog can actually exist.

There are countless web hosts offering a multitude of services. Research important details like uptime reliability, amount of server space and bandwidth each plan includes, extra included services, and others.

Most web hosts offer both paid and free hosting. For a business blog, it’s important that you choose a paid plan so you can host your own domain.

If you choose a free plan, your blog will have a URL that ends with the hosts name, not yours. This looks unprofessional and can also affect your marketing as you won’t generate much SEO this way.

Free hosted blogs also come with many limitations on what you can do. Integrating with blog automation may be more challenging and on a free hosting plan, you technically don’t retain ownership of any of the content you post to your site.

These are all negatives that you want to steer away from when putting up a business blog to build brand awareness and generate good SEO results.

Step 3 - Set Up Your Domain

A domain name is basically your website name, the name that will appear at the beginning of the URL of all your pages. It looks like: Your domain name should be chosen carefully, as it will be how your audience remembers your business.

Ideally, it should simply be your business name. Once you choose your domain and register it, you can put it on a hosting site using a paid subscription, then get to work creating the actual site.

Step 4 - Design Your Blog

WordPress and most other CMS offer two important things for those just starting out in blog posting: one-click installation to load the CMS onto your hosted domain and easy modification using existing templates or custom design.

You can do amazing things to make your site look and function just how you want, especially if you opt for WordPress. There are countless templates and plugins available for WordPress and it is a preferred platform for website designers to create custom designs.

Step 5 - Integrate Your Blog

Once your blog has been hosted, built, and designed, and you’re ready to start posting, you can integrate it with your social media pages using blog automation software like SiteSuperCharger.

With automation, you can plan and schedule your posts to publish to your blog at specific times, then automatically post to whichever social media site you choose. Your followers are made aware of your new content to read by clicking a link that takes them directly to your blog.


Although it may seem confusing at first, setting up new blogs is actually a lot easier than you might think. These five steps are all it takes when you use an easy, versatile CMS like WordPress and blog automation software like SiteSuperCharger.

Follow these instructions and you’ll be blog posting in your company blog in no time!

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