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Content marketing is becoming more difficult every day. In spite of all the great content that is posted and the ability to keep up with demand by using content marketing automation software, it is beginning to lose its effectiveness as a strategy. Recent research indicates that engagement is continually dropping while content increasingly underperforms.

So what is the answer to this dilemma? The answer is to understand the current cycle and what it means for current and future content creation, even if your company is using content marketing automation.

The Rise and Fall of Marketing Strategy

Online marketing goes through a cycle every few years. A new strategy is developed and gets fantastic results for a while. After a period of time, it becomes  less effective and is eventually replaced by a newly-spawned strategy that is showing promise.

Content marketing, just like all of the fallen strategies before it, has already reached its peak and is on a fast decline. Most of the information being posted today is being thrust into what has become an endless sea of content. The internet is flooded with information and viewers are saturated. Even content marketing automation software that keeps fresh information flowing is not helping. Essentially, it is a strategy now suffering from overkill and a loss of effect.

What Does This Mean For Content Marketing?

It means that marketers must evolve with their promotional strategies to continue getting good results. Producing and distributing valuable information using content marketing automation is still important. The current goal is also no different than before, which is making information more valuable and noticeable by improving quality and getting it to the right viewers.

As always, the biggest challenge, as always, is working with continually changing search algorithms. It is more necessary than ever that strategies change to be aware of the impact of algorithms and in turn, get better impact from fewer, higher-quality postings.

Evolving with Content Marketing

Progressing successfully into the future of content marketing will require marketers to reconsider content development and effective delivery using content marketing automation:

  • Selectiveness - More is not necessarily better. This point is of greater importance every day as marketers learn to be more selective with the content they choose and how well they prepare it. Adequate time must be invested to understand what pieces will generate the best response from specific audiences. Less content that is better and more thoroughly prepared should help generate better results.
  • Optimization - As the generation of new information begins to slow, finding new ways to optimize fresh content as well as older pieces is becoming critical. More time should be spent fully developing existing content so it performs to its fullest potential rather than attempting to hold user attention by flooding channels with more content.
  • Delivery and Distribution - Finding the right personalized methods of delivery and distribution are paramount. Not only must marketers fully understand their audiences, they must help them discover the information that holds the most value to them. Using everything from mailing lists and various social media channels to content marketing automation software, the right information must find the right user and vice-versa.   
  • Problem Solving - Strategies have less to do with information generation and more to do with solving all production, optimization, and distribution problems. Marketing teams will rely on a more diverse group of individuals who will all emphasize researching, analyzing, designing, and devising rather than just coming up with content.

Content marketing as it is now being practiced is no longer effective as the information overload effect has arrived. Marketers must change their priorities and focus so that every post distributed using content marketing automation software performs to its fullest without drowning in a flood of continuous postings. There is still room for content marketing automation in the grand scheme of things; however, it must evolve into less and more optimized content that is skillfully used!

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