Every year, digital marketing even using SEO automation becomes a little more challenging.

As we head into 2019, it’s looking like this new year will be no different after a past year filled with its share of marketing and SEO changes.

So what can you do to boost your SEO this coming year and get better results from your SEO software?

Keep these tips in mind to turbocharge your efforts so your campaigns get you the results you’re looking for.

1. Analyze 2018 Strategy and Performance

The best way to plan out a successful new marketing year is to first take a look at the results from the previous year.

Look back at your marketing goals and strategy for the past year and how they performed in comparison to the prior year and whether your strategy changes helped or made things worse.

Use your year-end analysis of 2018 digital marketing performance to pick out what worked well and what still needs improvement, then explore how you can improve on your process using local SEO software to manage and automate your campaigns.

Progressing each year requires a view of the results gained for multiple years in a row so you can look for trends, growth, and other details that you can use to continue shaping your marketing plan.

2. Define Goals and A Strategy for the Upcoming Year

After analyzing your results from the past few years, use this information to decide on your 2019 strategy.

Based on previous results, find where you need improvement and define the goals and strategies to create that improvement.

Also look into improving your overall process by adding SEO automation which can dramatically improve campaign management and efficiency and help you more easily reach your marketing goals for the year.

3. Evolve with Digital Marketing Trends and Technology

With marketing goals for 2019 made and a strategy in development, be sure to design your marketing plan around the latest trends and technology affecting the online marketing world today:

  • Social Media - Social media continues to grow as a high-performing solution for generating SEO, building customer bases, and making more overall conversions. If there ever was a time to add social networking to your marketing plan, that time is now.

  • Voice Search - Beyond the importance of mobile-friendliness and mobile-first optimization, today’s marketers must be concerned with optimization for voice search as well. With the increasing use of smartphones today, voice search is critical especially for local search.

  • AI and VR - Artificial intelligence is making search engines smarter and websites increasingly more responsive through the use of smart chatbots which can somewhat think for themselves based on user input. VR and augmented reality are also growing in popularity because they help increase conversion rates.

Great SEO in 2019 - New Goals and A Fresh Strategy

As the end of this year rolls around, digital marketers should be reviewing the progress made in 2018 then determining how to improve on it all for 2019.

Adding SEO automation with SEO software like SiteSuperCharger is one tool that can help you achieve all those new goals by giving you more power to manage every task you need carried out for your different marketing campaigns!

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