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Blogs play an essential role in helping companies build and improve SEO. They can accomplish even more when part of a private blog network; which is a network of blogs that function together for the purpose of boosting each other’s SEO. Unfortunately, Google does not like PBNs and will penalize them, especially when using poor PBN automation. The solution is to create a private blog network by using good PBN automation software that will save time and mimic individual, manually created blogs.

The Shortcomings of Private Blog Networks

The problem faced by companies that use SEO have when relying on PBN automation software to manage a large number of networked blogs is a certain loss of control of the important qualities required to generate SEO. A website and its content must be unique and authoritative for both users and Google to give it any value. Blog networks that are created just for ranking purposes of ranking can be more easily identified today. When discovered, Google takes action by de-indexing them.

How Poorly Managed PBNs Are Recognized

To avoid de-indexing, a company must avert the tip-offs that point out to Google that the blogs are part of a PBN. The biggest indication of this is an increasing group of associated websites that are either inactive or post low-quality content, all of which is linked inbound to a few active, income-producing websites. These blogs or sites also have other similarities, such as using the same hosting service or having a similar layout and design. Another chief indicator is the use of PBN automation that can depersonalize these websites, which reduce authenticity as opposed to a real blog that is continually updated with unique, high-quality content. Even though networked websites may be updated regularly and pose as incoming links to the main sites, this entire setup spells automation to the ever-observant Google.

How to Avoid PBN Pitfalls

Despite these problems, it is possible to create a successful PBN that takes advantage of PBN automation software if the networks are properly created. It is necessary to create individual sites that serve an actual purpose beyond ranking. They must be unique and continually updated with high-quality content; utilize standard SEO techniques; and can stand alone as a recognizable, useful site. This means putting more work into networked blogs; however, when done correctly the payback for the main sites can make it worthwhile. PBN automation can be strategically integrated to post unique content to save time and keep sites current. By avoiding the use of duplicate content and creating websites that can become reputable on their own, PBNs offer good permanent results without being flagged.

Private blog networks may seem like a push-button answer to the problem of attracting sufficient inbound links; however, the use of these networks has some negatives. Inbound links from obvious, low-quality PBNs do not create the authority necessary to be beneficial to an income-producing website. This is especially true when sites are managed with poorly-designed PBN automation software that is used by itself to keep track of multiple smaller blogs or websites. Just like everything else concerning SEO, Google will eventually find poorly designed PBNs and remove them.

PBN automation that can help PBN websites become authoritative on their own. These sites will bring in necessary traffic over time and avoid Google’s strict assessment on whether a particular blog network is a PBN that should be de-indexed!

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