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The goal of online marketing is to make customers aware of your business and then convince them to convert. While much of this involves using SEO software that can help you with everything from the creation of optimized content to the automated delivery of that content, there are a number of other factors that can also increase conversion factors.

Beyond the use of local SEO software that will build local exposure of your business, it is essential that your website performs well for users to increase their likelihood to convert.

Use Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

More than half of all website traffic is done searching on a smartphone or tablet. To account for this yet still offer a website that works well for users, it is essential that your website has a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Websites that are difficult to use when visitors want to use them is one of the biggest turn-offs that send potential customers away. Attract visitors and gain customers with a responsive design that views and functions efficiently on any screen.

Deliver Value

Getting users to your site with the help of effective local SEO software is one hurdle in the race for conversions. The next one is to quickly show these visitors the value you are offering by prominently displaying your product or services on the main page.

Show users how your company can solve their problems and why they should choose your product. Entice them by focusing on one important thing you have to offer rather than confusing them with multiple points of focus that may reduce rather than increase conversions.

Keep Things Clear and Simple

In addition to using a clean and responsive design, optimizing your content by using helpful SEO software and prominently announcing the value you want to give your customers helps keep your website easy to use and understand.

Your main page should be simple and uncluttered, consisting of little more than an appropriate image, the proposition of value mentioned above, and a clear Call to Action. If your site is effective in guiding audiences to conversion links, there is less chance of losing or distracting users with poor functionality or unclear focus.

Implement A CRO Strategy

Take steps to continually assess how your website is performing in terms of conversions, then determine what can be done to improve its performance. Make CRO (conversion rate optimization) an integral part of your marketing efforts using local SEO software to help you find problem areas, correct them, and then monitor website performance afterward.

Using CRO, you can gradually determine what details such as colors, button sizes and position, as well as promotional images and statements work best for your site to improve your conversion rate.

To ensure your website brings in the most conversions, it is essential that you consider the website performance issues discussed above. Understand that there are many marketing techniques you can use to increase your website’s exposure. That could include the use of effective SEO software to aid your production of optimized content, landing pages, and other elements.

You must follow up by making sure the site works well once users get there. Local SEO software paired with efficient function means more users completing their conversion!

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