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One of the goals in content marketing that can help bring about success with your campaign is making sure that content is seen by as many interested viewers as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by publishing to social media accounts using content marketing automation software.

Social media is an instrumental marketing tool when using content marketing automation. When it is used effectively, social media can increase your brand’s exposure more quickly than any other method.

1. Set Up Business Pages On Popular Social Media Sites

Make social media a valuable part of your content marketing campaign by setting up business pages on the most popular social media platforms where audiences also have pages. Include the main favorites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube as well as other such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and others that may be relevant to the business and campaign.

Since audiences are everywhere, content marketing automation should reach all the various channels so your content reaches the right people.  

2. Encourage Sharing with Social Media Buttons

After setting up accounts on the various social media platforms, integrate your websites, blogs, and pages by adding share buttons. Allow viewers to directly and easily share to their social media pages and expand your exposure.

Also include links to websites, blogs, and all other social pages from each individual social page, if possible. Let audiences find your content wherever they choose to look for it.

3. Keep Blogs and Social Pages Active and Interesting

To be effective, social media pages must be active. Whether the content you post is a blog, engaging questions, contests, videos, or other interesting information, update on a regular basis. Constant, regular social media posting that keeps a brand in follower’s feeds can be easily managed with content marketing automation software.

Simply compose the content, schedule it for posting, and let the software do the rest to deliver it to wherever it needs to be posted.

4. Interact with Followers to Increase Credibility and Shares

The purpose of social media is to be "social." Support all the content being distributed through content marketing automation by interacting with followers on your social media pages. Answer questions promptly, offer thanks for compliments, engage in conversations, and keep an open dialogue within social and blog posts.

Businesses can gain credibility and viewer trust when they are present and available on their social media sites and acknowledge followers. Follow and interact with other businesses and bloggers for even more interaction and visibility.

5. Research Posting Times to Reach More Viewers

Depending on the audience, there may be better times to reach them to increase engagement and overall effectiveness of a content marketing campaign. Do some trial posting at different times and gauge the degree of response.

Once you have an idea of when the best time is to reach the most viewers in a specific audience, schedule posting within convenient content marketing automation software to take advantage of these activity windows.

6. Monitor Competitors and Link Building Opportunities

Remember that your competitors are also gaining the important benefits of social media. Monitor their pages and blogs; discover backlink opportunities by researching who is following them and linking to their websites. Expand and adjust audience focus to include these new possibilities and potentially gain new followers and inbound links.

Great content designed for use with content marketing automation software is the key component in every great content marketing campaign. Getting it out in front of as many people as possible is the objective that will achieve sales goals. Gain access to more viewers and a wider audience of more interested viewers by using social media with content marketing automation!

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