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Landing pages are one of the best things in search engine optimization and lead generation today. In order to get the best local performance from these SEO software, it’s important to understand what affects page rank and generates the best leads. By addressing optimization needs with local SEO software and incorporating them into a great landing page, marketers will see the best quality leads from their local marketing campaigns.

The Connection Between Location and Leads

To generate effective local landing pages, it is essential to understand the connection between optimization and lead generation. This is a concept that marketers should know about;  however, this association explains why geographic optimization for search is so critical.

For local landing pages to be discoverable, they must be well optimized for regional search, able to function as effective landing pages, attract the right viewer, generate interest, and gain the lead. Recognizing this means that regionally targeted sites must function on both levels in order to work, rather than simply relying on the quality of the landing page alone.

Location And Landing Page Creation

Achieving results with local landing pages requires combining the qualities of an effective landing page with the needs of optimized, local search. Incorporating this with local SEO software and landing page creation tools, marketers need to address and include the factors that create the best geographic ranking:

  • Adding Location Information - This primarily consists of using the business city and state in the meta title and also in H1 and H2 header tags throughout the copy. It also includes using the name, address and phone number (NAP) consistently in both the HTML and on the page itself. Consistency with this critical information is the key to success with regional search, so develop a standardized way to list NAP and always use it. Placing a map on the website will also improve local searchability.
  • Additional Optimizing for Local Search - Besides getting the NAP and location onto the page and into the HTML, improve geographic optimization of landing pages by adding good quality and authoritative links to and from other local origins by incorporating important local keywords and terms. Use product and service keywords in the page title along with city and state; ensure that all content is relevant to those product or service keywords.

Great Landing Pages That Perform Locally

Using the above considerations, build the best landing page with SEO software and an effective landing page creation tool. The page should include a headline that catches attention and content that supports the headline’s idea to generate reader interest. List product features and the benefits the product offers and provide social proof to further support those claims.

Use Calls-to-Action throughout the copy in a large font at the bottom of the page. Create the website as an attraction to local customers by adding the necessary location-based relevance throughout to make the website optimally searchable and functional.

Optimization for local search can easily be incorporated into any landing page in only a few simple steps. Whether using local SEO software or making these additions manually, start with an effective landing page plan,then add in the necessary location factors to create a searchable regional lead generating machine. Concentrating on geographic position and the factors required to gain good page rank with local search, marketers can combine these qualities to achieve the best results with SEO software and generate good quality leads!

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