Social Network Automated Posting

When managing many blogs and social network profiles, automated posting to social networks can come in very handy. Yet there are some who believe this type of posting should be avoided at all costs; however; when properly managed, automated social networking can be very successful. Social network integration is an essential part of effective SEO. The right automation plan can make achieving the proper SEO that much easier.

Effective Automation of Social Media Makes Sense

Automated social networking offers efficiency and convenience, while ensuring continued exposure and interaction with audiences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with automating posts, since doing so can result in improved SEO and increased site traffic and conversion. The key is in knowing which posts should be automated - and then continue to interact with social media followers.>

Creating a Social Network Automation Plan

The main goal of effective social network integration is to keep social feeds updated, while engaging followers who interact with these sites. Automation can make the process of updating much easier; for the best results, this must be done with an understanding of the following:

  • Know Which Content to Automate - It is important to understand from the beginning that not all content should be automated. The best usage is to automate only new, relevant content as well as content shared from reputable sources.  It is better to not automate follower interactions, responses to those interactions, or troubleshooting responses. Personal, non-relevant content should not be automated, as such content is only likely to be relevant where it is initially created, not across an entire network of social media sites.
  • Create an Effective Posting Schedule - Knowing when to post so the most followers see a post is a misunderstood, yet important part of automation. Based on an analysis of follower time zones, activity on existing social media posts, and other follower demographics, schedule automation so the most can be achieved with these posts. Try to schedule for times when people will be available to interact with followers once the posts are published.
  • <Develop A Way to Stay Involved - One of the most critical elements in successful automated social networking is staying involved to keep follower engagement high. The easiest way to do this is to set notifications for all accounts, track mentions, and use any other options available so you are notified when a comment comes in. Monitor activity on social media, even if some posting is automated, and set aside the time necessary to have someone respond. Engage users in the critical dialog that builds trustworthiness and authority.
  • Avoid Common Automation Mistakes - In addition to the above concerns, success with social network automated posting requires avoiding a few other issues that can make a brand seem unauthentic. Do not schedule posts too far in advance, paying attention to what is happening in the news. This will ensure that auto-posted content is suitable and relevant. Reschedule or pause automated social networking when necessary to prevent mistakes that can cause a business to seem insensitive or out of touch. Always consider each social platform individually when deciding which content to post and when utilizing any kind of automated reply function. Based on different audiences, and even character limits, replies should differ as necessary.

Effective social network automated posting requires some trial and error to get everything set correctly; however, it is worth the effort when managing multiple accounts. The trick is in using the right automated social networking tools and understanding how to use them most efficiently. By using the right combination of manual content delivery and engagement, mixed with automated social network integration, a company can experience the many positives that active social network pages can provide!

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