Landing pages are valuable marketing tools for bringing in high-quality, organic traffic. Yet for any landing page to actually perform for you, landing page creation must be approached with SEO in mind.

There is more to it than just interesting content and a bold Call to Action. Using convenient landing page automation software, create effective, SEO-friendly marketing mini-sites that will have a better chance of ranking.

1. Use A Custom URL

Although it might be easier to use a subdomain URL when publishing landing pages, avoid doing so and always publish to your custom domain.

Publishing to a subdomain URL can confuse viewers about your brand and where these pages actually leading. It also prevents your pages from sharing the SEO you’ve already built up in the rest of your website.

2. Choose and Use the Right Keywords

Choose good, relevant keywords for each individual topic, then use them throughout your content in the right ways. Good keyword research is essential.

Long-tailed keywords tend to rank better on these pages. Include your keywords in all the essential places such as the meta title and description, header tags, image file names, and alt-text.

3. Attract Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are just as important for landing page creation as they are for standard content pages. Generate quality content and use targeted outreach to attract links from other recognized websites.

Don’t worry about content length. Provide enough detailed content to make it useful, informative, and able to stand on its own to improve your chances of getting good backlinks.

4. Build Fast Loading Pages

Like any other webpage, landing pages should load quickly and completely. Check load speeds using Google PageSpeed Insights and if not loading within a few seconds, make some modifications.

Keep image file sizes smaller as long as quality is not affected; turn off any unnecessary plugins or extensions. As a last resort, try switching to a faster web host to improve load speed, which is a major ranking factor.

5. Make Your Landing Pages Sharable

When generating pages using landing page automation software, be sure to include email and social media share links on all of them.

Even though Google states that share numbers do not directly affect rank, even the sharing of informative promotional content increases awareness. This increases organic traffic, which improves rank.

6. Keep All Landing Pages Online

As common as it is to take down older marketing pages for seasonal marketing campaigns that have already ended, a better idea is to leave them online.

Taking a page down and replacing it with a new page each year basically kills any SEO that’s been generated by the old one. Keep old marketing pages online and edit them as necessary as opposed to fully replacing them.

Generally speaking, getting great organic SEO with landing pages is almost no different than doing so with regular website content.

If you treat landing page creation the same as the creation of any other page just with a slightly different format, your pages will perform better in the SERPs.

When produced with efficient landing page automation software like SiteSuperCharger, you should have few problems publishing marketing pages that organically attract quality traffic and convert!

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