Cloud computing has become a critical element that affects most of the internet today. Many businesses work using cloud-based services and applications, then develop their own applications in the cloud.

Platforms and portals are the two main features required for cloud computing, from the building of applications like SEO portal software to the actual running of the SEO portal.

To make the most use of this resource and run an online SEO portal from the cloud, it’s essential to understand how clouds are set up.

What Is A Cloud Platform?

A cloud platform is basically a virtual environment that provides essential cloud services from which applications like an online SEO portal or any other cloud-based application can be developed and then offered as a service through a portal.

Platforms are the hardware required to create the virtual environment and the environment itself. Essentially, virtual platforms are what all cloud servers are made with.

A cloud platform consists of the hardware and servers in a data center that connect and work together to create new virtual space. This virtual environment is controlled using an operating system, a virtual machine monitor, and various other system software.

Platforms are also frequently used by developers to create applications like an SEO portal program or any other application designed to be hosted in and run from the cloud.

What Is A Cloud Portal?

On the other hand, a cloud portal is a point of access for the cloud platform. Cloud portals are run using software that gives end users access to the virtual environment of the cloud platform.

They can be used to access applications developed on the platform like cloud-based SEO portal software.

A platform can host multiple portals. Portals can be private ones, built and accessed only by one company or organization, or public ones accessed by other users on a subscription, Software as a Service basis.

In the latter case, the portal is set up to host certain applications that end users can pay to access.

How Do They Work Together?

Basically, cloud computing revolves around the relationship between cloud platforms and cloud portals. For anyone to use any cloud-based services or applications, they must have some kind of access to them. The portal is like a control module that provides that service.

For there to be a portal at all, the virtual environment and base applications that run the whole cloud must be created as a base platform.

Whether you are a developer creating a new application or an end user accessing an existing one like an online SEO portal, all use of the cloud involves both a platform and a portal.

Typically, those who are end users need only be concerned with the SEO portal software they are accessing as it is designed to work just like any other program hosted on personal hardware or a public cloud.

Developers looking to create their own SEO portal and apps must either create their own platform or subscribe for access through a cloud platform host!

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